A weekend to use your Party Language and Slutty Heart for Leslie and the Lys, Oscar and more

Leslie and the Lys play at Blow Pony's 5 year anniversary Saturday at Rotture.


Slutty Hearts cassette release party – I’m not totally convinced of the hipster merits of producing an album on cassette and the only place to play them for me, and most people, is that one roommate’s car that still has a tape deck. But then they get an iPod converter and the party’s over. I recommend snapping a little USB drive in there with digi versions of the songs instead (and, update, it does actually come with a digital download, so there Alley!). But then, I may just not be hip enough. But the Slutty Hearts are. And you can’t complain about the format when you get a free copy with show entrance.  And their brand of rock will bring you back to pure PDX 90s style with all those fond memories and sweaty show spots. And that’s a good thing.

BroadArts presents Bunkin’ with you in the Afterlife – This production has already been going a couple weeks but only on my radar now. It looks irreverent and silly and fun. And since my first favorite queerish novel was Even Cowgirls Get the Blues I can only hope it fulfills my lez cowpoke fantasies.

HomoDeluxe at Saucebox – That hot lady DJ couple Mr Charming and Roy-G-Biv have hosted 2 successful-beyond-my-dreams featuring ladies dancing Coyote Ugly style on the bar one night and an appearance and burger delivery for 3-6 Mafia another. And it that had all of us asking, “Is this going to be a regular thing?” I think the answer is yes and I think I’m pretty stoked. Meant to be more of a laid back hang out it still gets us dancing without the pressure. And Saucebox has some damn fine food too.

Magic Mouth: Party Language – It’s a Pisceaquarian b day bash with bands and DJs in just the right combo. Magic Mouth are the golden boys of the queer indie scene and they’re throwing a party with special guests, Stormy Roxx, Huf’N’Stuf and plenty of fiashy astro woo.

Apocalysp – Combining 2012 with gay stereotypes set to awesome non-pop electronic music with a brand new set of DJs is awesome. Um, you don’t want to miss this first episode of the Apocalysp. Bring on teh punk and New Wave. We’re ready for something new boys.


Live Through This – This reading on stories of self-harm and suicide features Sabrina Chap and the local trans activist, crafter and, of course, authors Smitty Buckler.

Blow Pony 5 year Anni with Leslie and the Lys – Last time the gold lame queen graced the Blow Pony stage it was mind-blowing. And local backup dancer Melody Awesomazing is back to help ensure that it is again. Love, dancing, debauchery, there is nothing you won’t be able to do at the celebration of 5 years of this craziness!

Cinnamon Girls – All ladies doing Neil Diamond. Classic folk rock will never be the same.

Party Foul w/ Hold My Hand and Orographic – Folks from Red Cap, Queerlandia and Bridge Club come together in the perfect alternative to waiting in line for 2 hours for Blow Pony.

I'm hoping this ladyman wins some Oscars on Sunday (Glenn Close as Albert Nobbs)


Crush Oscar Party – The Academy Awards are really only fun to watch when you’ve got good company to yell at the screen when they make the wrong choices and give high fives when they make the right ones (occasionally). Who better to provide commentary than a bunch of gays. Plus you can walk our own red carpet dressed either up or down (trashy) for the chance to win $100. Evenings events hosted by the Mistress Tammy Whynot

Too Young: A 1940s Big Band Dance party – There are lots of throwback parties but none of ’em go back as far as the 40s. So this is your chance to bring out those saddle shoes for more than role-playing. Vintage sounds, vintage cocktails and vintage film in the background. This is a real change of pace with the perfect Count Basie/Louis Armstrong soundtrack.

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