No Saturday Mail? Portland Marches for USPS.

USPS March January 3, 2012


Is this Goodbye? 

Congressman Issa, R-CA (one of the richest men in Congress) has proposed to end  Saturday delivery of mail. As a result to Issa’s proposal, there will be jobs lost and hours cut for the postal employees. There has been public outrage from many different states. Rep. Green, D-TX announced that he found a particular pattern of targeting the low-income neighborhoods for closures.

Every single facility mentioned is located in a lower income and predominately minority neighborhood. Nearly 30% of the all the postal facilities listed for consolidation are located in five states, with Texas leading the way at 222 potential closures. Almost without exception, this pattern holds for our nation’s other great cities as well.

Also, Postmaster Donahoe recently told the House of Representatives that $2 billion more dollars will be taken away from the USPS budget. Even with the $9 billion from the past few years, the postal service will not make enough without spending and borrowing. In 2007, Donahoe citied a federal regulation that required the Postal Service to pre-fund retirees health benefits. Donahoe also insisted, even though they receive $5.5 billion dollars per year, that with the requirements of the RBH, the USPS would still be within its budget and creating revenue.

“Serious consideration must be given at this point, to reducing the work week  to 5 days, by eliminating weekend delivers all together.” Said Donahoe.

Donahoe also stated that streamlining work routines and labor rules, (unrelated to unions) must be reviewed to nurse the agency back to health.

I marched with the USPS in Portland last weekend. Nearly 1,000 people gathered at Pioneer Court House Square to demonstrate and educate the public about what is going on in Congress. Postal workers of all kinds gathered with their family members, and community supporters to fight for 6 day work week. The speeches were educational and motivating. This is yet  another fight against the 1%.

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  • Robert Taylor via Facebook

    no saturday mail is fine with me, the postal service needs to be streamlined and yes jobs may be lost but what happens when the postal service its self is cut because they didnt streamline in time, even more jobs would be lost. to be honest i only check my mail 2-3 times a week anyway and all my bills come to my email so i dont have much use for the postal service anyway.