Most read qPDX posts of 2011

All of you wanted to read about (or rather look upon) ad nude Hope Solo

These are the parts of that piqued the most interest or caused the most kerfuffle.

5 – Blow Pony blows up with internal conflict

The Blow Pony tag always gets a lot of traffic on this site. It’s become the biggest queer night Portland can boast and I’ve enjoyed it since nearly the very beginning. That’s why I was saddened to see so much strife following a discussion of BP’s use of the word “tranny” in their Halloween celebration. Facebook pages erupted and fingers began pointing. But what started out as a discussion turned ugly got even worse when many of the DJs involved in the night felt like their voices weren’t being heard in this or any matter and ultimately left Blow Pony behind with only founder DJ Airick from the original team.

4 – Think twice before giving to Salvation Army bell ringers

This year despite the recession Americans have been very generous. And it’s more appealing to give while the fervor of the holiday season and all its capitalism is upon us. But this thoughtful piece by Addie Jones reminded us that the easiest paths to giving aren’t always the best ones and readers re-posted like crazy. Philanthropy is a great thing, but you have to be careful that the organizations you’re supporting are supporting us back. Unfortunately, the Salvation Army doesn’t have the best interests of the LGBT community at heart.

3 – Transphobia happens in queer spaces too

Sometimes the best content comes from you, the readers. Our community has many things that unite us, but we have plenty of internal conflict as well. When local trans activist Nik Rapier told his story about experiencing transphobia at southeast club night Gaycation, I new the qPDX community needed to hear what he had to say. Hopefully the offenders, and all of us, can learn a lesson from hearing Nik’s story.

2 – Jack Donovan clashes with the Slutwalk movement

“Manly” gay Jack Donovan is a polarizing figure to begin with. A gender-policing self-professed androphile it was clear Donovan would fire back at qPDX’s criticisms of his treatment of the Slutwalk organizers. Lo and behold we’ve got a li’l flame war. Deciding if and how to engage such a person is a really tough call but we wanted to at least address the issue, if not get mired in it. And it looks like you wanted your say as well, whether it was to support us or suggest a frontal lobotomy. Sometimes that doesn’t sound so bad…

1 – Hope Solo appears nude for the ESPN body issue

It’s hard to know if folks are more excited about this article because it shows the amazing musculature and sexy curves of great American soccer goalie Hope Solo or for the implication that she is gay. I don’t know the woman personally but I thought it was a pretty open secret that she plays for our team. And yet, perhaps it’s the is she or isn’t she buzz that publicists aim for. But who am I kidding. None of this matters when you’ve got 4 beautiful pictures of Solo nakedness…

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