Gender bending roles among the Oscar nominees

Oh Oscar!
  Being 30, I have been able to witness our generation of queers and queer friendly people evolve and accomplish. It is amazing how far Hollywood has come. Trans America and Brokeback Mountain seems to have only been the beginning. I never thought that I would see the day where gender-bending roles and other homo-centric roles would be up for an Oscar.

Welcome to the other side of the closet!

This year, Glen Close has been nominated for Best Actress her role in Albert Nobbs; in which she plays a 19th century woman living as a man. Nothing says “hot” like Glen Close in a suit. Glen is no stranger to portraying queer roles. In 2006, she played a lesbian who served in the military in “Serving in Silence” (Part of my own personal DVD collection).  Albert Nobbs  is also a heart-felt project for Close . She first played the role on Broadway 30 years ago. She has now successfully brought it to the big screen. Close was recently interviewed by the Irish Voice about her role in the movie.

 I think the average person hides about 98% of what is really going on with them. We’re masters at it. Albert Nobbs is someone whose survival depends on deception. Deception is not an unnatural state for humans. It just becomes dire when you can’t take off the mask. Or there are reasons for you to fear that if you do there will be sanctions and you will be discriminated against. One thing that I am proud of is that there are some scenes where the audience forgets what they are looking at. You forget that Hubert and Cathleen are actually two women, it doesn’t matter.

Also nominated this year, is Rooney Mara for her representation of  the bisexual Lisbeth Salander  in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  Mara did an excellent job of transforming into her character-which looks nothing like her in reality. This NFL princess (New York Giants) hopes to continue her role in  possible sequels. Mara was interviewed by the National Post about her bisexual role:

I guess, growing up in New York and L.A., it didn’t seem that crazy to me to play a bisexual character. She’s incredibly comfortable with her sexuality, and I am the same, because it doesn’t faze me.

Both movies were truly amazing, and both ladies deserve an Oscar. So, I send my “good luck” to them and I look forward to future roles that are just as diverse.

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