As You Like It launches online store


The “Green” Approach 

Who says sex toys can’t be environmentally friendly? Portland’s local website, As You Like It: The Pleasure Shop just launched! As You Like It provides a safe and green friendly environment for its customers. Locally owned and operated, the LGBTQ business supports a body positive and sex positive image.

The open-minded crew behind the site concentrates on gender diversity and has created a safe shopping experience for everyone. This store, unlike most, obtains a “green” approach, with products created in a non- toxic manner. You won’t find products such as Phthalates, which has been linked to kidney damage, or Petrolatum, a cheap jelly known to irritate the skin.

The products you will find range from an awesome selection of dildos and vibrators to anal play and fetish equipment. The site also has a great range of packers and other gender inclusive items. Not only are their toys made of environmentally safe materials, they use recycled paper and cloth bags with every order. In an “impact” statement, the crew stated, “We will be supporting the local economy, by providing much needed jobs in the community.” They will be networking with local Portland stores and artists as well. After taking the time to browse the site, I would highly recommend going and checking it out. You can also follow them on FaceBook and Twitter.



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