A weekend of (Feminist) Agendas, (Magic) Mouths, (Blow) Ponies, and local film

Boy Funk makes his Portland debut at Blow Pony


Note: The previously listed SistaFist/Magic Mouth show was listed incorrectly as this Thursday. It’s actually next Thursday, which we didn’t find out until this week. qPDX regrets the error.

Feminist Agenda launch party – Feminist Agenda has quietly been creeping onto the scene for about 3 or 4 months now but they’ve finally decided this is the time for their coming out party. A site dedicated to being a directory and resource of feminist activism and organization, FA is helmed by former In Other Words staffers Katie Carter and Amber Rowland. You can read an interview with the dynamic duo from earlier in the week, and stay tuned to hear them on next week’s podcast.

“Ethical Sluthood” a Q&A with Janet Hardy – Portland (well Eugene in this case) queers are more used to polyamory than most but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot to learn. Whether people have been calling Gingrich’s indiscretions an open marriage or polyamory you’d be wrong. That was just plain cheating. So how do we know we’re being fair in a non-monogamous relationship? Some of it is common sense, a lot of it is communication, but many of the “rules” are unfamiliar territory. Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy’s Ethical Slut, has been the go-to guide for polyamory with a conscience since its release in 1997. Now you can actually ask questions about the finer points and maybe even some “what ifs” thanks to new sex toy store As You Like It.

The Lost Van Gogh at Movers and Makers – The NW Film Center presents a series of shorts by up and coming local filmmakers. One of these newbies is Jessica Lyness who is usually behind the scenes with either PIFF or QDoc.


Mr Charming & Roy G Biv Saucebox takeover – The night before New Years I had no expectations of doin’ it up. But then this dynamic DJ duo (and personal partners) came in and rocked Saucebox like its never seen. Binky and Delilah sin danced on the bar in a queer Coyote Ugly that far surpassed the original. Let’s make that happen again shall we folks?


Youth Dream Dance – So rarely do we get to cover all ages events that I’m excited there is an opportunity for the young folks to get moving on the dance floor as well. Anyone under 20 can go but they still get a great DJ us grownups enjoy in Bruce LaBruiser. Copious amounts of pizza are promised, which I think is a great alternative to the alchy. I should probably try it.

Inferno Portland‘s 8 year anniversary – The party that started for the older lesbian set is starting to reach middle age itself, at least in gay club years. And in this case it’s definitely something to celebrate. I have plenty of fun when I attend the early dance night now, but I’m also comforted in knowing that it will likely still be around in 5 years when I’ve reached the target age and will no longer be going to additional parties afterword. (Unless it’s to take my teenager, because even the youth party goes later than this one). NOTE THE NEW VENUE

Blow Pony – This most iconic alterna queer night welcomes new performers to town Boy Funk which sounds appropriately hot and and a bit unnervingly gross at the same time. Plus you got some great new residents in Linoleum and this week’s DJ of the Week Stormy Roxx.


Trans Bodies, Trans Selves community forum – A revolutionary trans resource guide is in the works. Don’t you want some input?


Outside the Frame films by ChatPDX Youth – The youth organization based around HIV prevention presents a series of films by youth who have experienced homelessness. It’s hosted by Todd Haynes. This is why your weekend is not over.

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