2 Girls, 1Podcast episode #5 with guest DJ Action Slacks discusses Egyptian protests, ‘Portlandia’ and ANTM scandal

This week Lyska and Alley invite a guest to the studio, Shannon Wiberg, aka DJ Action Slacks. We laugh a lot.

In the 'Portlandia' Battlestar episode they can't leave the couch, much like me this winter

We talk about her upcoming soul nights in January and February including Sweet’N’Low and a benefit for Fat Fancy at Crush. We also make her talk about a lot of other inane topics (and one serious one). And, as usual, Lyska makes fun of me, with the added bonus of pimping me out this time…

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We discuss the women in the recent Egyptian protests against the brutal treatment some by the military and bad white music.

Then we spend too long on Portlandia‘s upcoming season 2 and all our bitterness surrounding some of their teaser clips. But Vancouvria might be even better. The clip’s below if you want to judge for yourself. We even get a little catty. You’ll like it.

Then Lyska tries to start off with LGBT supportive rap and instead starts an epic discussion of America’s Next Top Model that I really can’t participate in (I know a piece of pop culture I don’t know right?).

Don’t forget you can subscribe in iTunes! Don’t miss an episode. Get it downloaded automatically.

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