Top 5 Gift Ideas for the Homo Hipster

Looking for that perfect gift for that homo hipster? Have no fear; the list is here- with the top five gift ideas and where to get them!

# 1. Clothing & Accessories

Stylish shirts are important to most homos but for hipsters, it’s flannel or bust! A pair of skinny jeans would not be complete without those tight Tee’s! And don’t forget about the belt buckles, Ray Bans and those “classic” high-tops! Looking for the spot in the city to find all these wonderful fashions? Here are some of my favorites!

Red Light: 3590 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Naked City Clothing: 3730 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Hollywood Vintage: 2757 NE Pacific St. (off of NE Sandy Blvd.) Compound Gallery: 107 NW 5th Ave. (off of Couch St.) Land: 3925 North Mississippi Avenue, Fat Fancy, 1013 SW Morrison, Sword + Fern (811 E Burnside).

The ladies of Fat Facy showing off some of the style genius that could help you create the perfect gift

# 2. Coffee & Baked Goods

Want to keep it simple and intimate? Throw out that PBR, and grab a cup of Joe! There is a reason the Pacific North West is known for their coffee! Portland has plenty of queer and queer-friendly places to go. Take your hipster boy-toy or gal-pal to one of these awesome abodes!

3 Friends Coffee: 201 SE 12th Ave. Sweetpea Baking Company (ALL VEGAN): 1205 SE Stark St. Black Cat Café (Vegan Friendly): 1203 NE Alberta St. Red & Black (Vegan Friendly): 400 SE 12th Ave.

# 3. Tattoos & Piercings

Now, this is not your typical Christmas gift, but hipsters are not a typical breed. Well, unless you live in Portland-where there is one on every corner. Personally, I would love to give a gift of tattoo and metal. Grab your credit card and buy a gift certificate at one of these locations!

Ritual Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing: 2005 NE 42nd Optic Nerve Arts: 1223 NE Alberta St. Adorn Tattoos Piercing & Jewelry: 2535 SE Belmont St. 9217 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. Leslie Hero at New Rose Tattoo: 4823 SE Division.

Tattoo work by queer artist Leslie Hero

# 4. Boozin’ Bars

I know I said to “throw out those PBR’s” but you can’t take away the hipster tradition of cheap beer! A night paid for at the bar? Yes, please. Don’t feel like dealing with your drunken buddy? Most cool bars have T-shirts and Hoodies!

Florida Room: 435 N Killingsworth St. The Nest Lounge: 1801 NE Alberta St. The Know: 2026 NE Alberta St. Yamhill Pub: 223 SW Yamhill St. Bitter End Pub: 1981 W Burnside St. Bar of the Gods: (BOG) 4801 SE Hawthorne. Red Cap Garage, 1032 SW Stark.

# 5. Bikes-n-Things

A Hipsters bike is their baby, and this gift could get kind of pricey. But, there are plenty of places you can pick up something cheap and sweet. And for the truly local bike accessory experience you’ll want to check out the 2 day BikeCraft affair at Sandbox Studio (420 NE 9th).

Community Cycling Center: 3934 NE MLK City Bikes: 1914 SE Ankeny and 734 SE Ankeny The Recyclery Bike Shop: 730 SW 11th. (at Yamhill)


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