Gifts for the Sporty dyke and Jocks of all genders

Ben Cohen modeling one of his Stand Up tees

#1 Sporty and Activisty

Any and all merchandise from Stand Up, super-ally and rugby player Ben Cohen’s anti-bullying foundation. Ben’s practically an honorary Portlander, having worked extensively with Nike and making two official visits out here in the last six months. In purchasing Stand Up’s merch for your nearest and dearest, you’ll be supporting a great cause — plus, if you choose the calendar, they’ll get to stare at Ben’s hunky self all year long.

#2 Sporty and smarty

A copy of Best American Sports Writing 2011 . For the literary sports fan, there’s no better pick than this annual anthology, which compiles outstanding long form pieces from the heavy hitters of the genre as well as from virtual unknowns.

#3 Help others enjoy sports

Betties 360 is a local non-profit that helps underserved girls engage in adventure sports. Playworks is a national organization with a vibrant Portland chapter that places trained professionals in low-income schools to facilitate recess time, making play more accessible and inclusive, which in turn enables kids to learn better in class. Playworks’ Portland chapter has programs in 14 schools in the city and serves 6,000 kids each day. Making a charitable contribution to either of these great organizations in your favorite sports lover’s name is both a great feel-good gift and a great way of helping to ensure that all kids have the access to sports that they deserve.

Betties 360

#4 For the ladies

Title 9's outfit for the rugged outdoorsy type

Title 9 gift certificate. This one’s for the ladies — if you’re feeling flush (and/or if you really like your pal), this store is a sure bet to find well-made, albeit expensive, athletic wear, including a pretty remarkable collection of sports bras. The store also puts on athletic events — think yoga classes and hikes–and at just nine bucks each are an affordable social and active outlet.

#5 Tickets

Winterhawks tickets. Portland’s hockey team competes in the top league for young players and is a launching pad for future NHLers. In addition to exciting hockey, Winterhawks games are known for fun promotions including Dash for Cash, in which fans are picked to run onto the ice and gather up as much money as they can. If that’s not a good time, then I don’t know what is.

Portland State basketball tickets. With the clusterfuck that is the currently non-existent NBA season, your favorite Blazers fan may be feeling a little blue these days. Luckily, the PSU men’s and women’s basketball teams are going strong. With tickets ranging from $5 to $15, you can’t go wrong.

Of course there’s also soccer and basketball, and how Portlandy is it to love the Timbers? But their next season is miles off, and, unfortunately, it feels the the Blazers‘ is as well. Still if you have a patient friend worth considering.

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