Genderf**king Takeover & Peep Show Present: The STUMPED Awards

Portland is clearly tired of playing second fiddle to that other west coast city known for award shows and culture. So we’re having more of our own red carpets and cheeky Portland-wood glamour. It is this vein, I’m sure, that some of the folks from Genderf***ing Takeover and Peep Show have put together our own award show to highlight the best and worst drag of 2011 in Stumptown, the 2011 Stumped Awards.

Unlike the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences you actually get to weigh in on the nominees. Voting is already underway at the Stumped Awards survey page and will go until December 8th. I’m sure you’ll see their categories are just a bit more irreverent then the traditional awards show such as “Hottest Mess” and “Most Epic Facebook.” Cuz that’s just how we do it here.

Here’s some more info in a press release from the Stumpers:

Genderfucking Takeover & Peep Show are bringing the best (and worst) drag in Portland to the red carpet this December with the first ever STUMPED Awards on December 16th.

The best, worst, cleanest, weirdest, loudest, zaniest and freakiest drag and genderf**k allied people, performers and personalities will be represented and given a chance to shine in this unique mock award show. The performance community in Portland, as a subculture based in the underground art scene, is also one of Portland’s hardest working groups, yet one of the least visible. The Stumped Awards is designed to give more visibility to what is becoming an increasingly relevant social phenomenon in Portland–one that is also finding greater presence in the press as well.

Nominations were handled to the best of our biased knowledge and opinions, and the presence of write-ins allows voters not only freedom of choice but also an opportunity to spread the word and promote themselves if they feel so, opening the STUMPED Awards up to greater community participation and involvement.

Voting is open to the community and takes place November 8th through December 8th. The official award show on December 16th will feature hosted champagne, red carpet treatment, and performances by some of the winners/losers, as well as the presenters and hosts.

More information, and voting, is available on the STUMPED Awards official Facebook page (

About The STUMPED Awards: 

The STUMPED Awards is a lighthearted celebration created in jest by Genderf**king Takeover & Peep Show as a parody of glitzy, self-important awards shows–this satirical edge is only natural as it celebrates a group largely based in comedy and entertainment. STUMPED is a way to celebrate with good humor, comedy and spunk the rise of performance art/drag/genderf**k popularity in Portland.

2 comments to Genderf**king Takeover & Peep Show Present: The STUMPED Awards

  • Carla Rossi

    I would like to use this public avenue to decry both this event and my fellow producers involved in said event for not nominating me for Highest Blood Alcohol Content and Loudest Mouth. One nomination?! ONE?! I’m so writing myself in for every category VOTE FOR ME