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DJ Linoleum. Photo by Manny Reyes

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Today’s profile of DJ Linoleum aka Andrea K comes a day early. It’s a holiday week so why not squish  more into the front of it so we can enjoy our time off. And, while Linoleum plays at various events around town her only upcoming gig presently schedule it tomorrow night, Wednesday the 23rd at Aalto Lounge (3356 Southeast Belmont Street) as well as an appearance Superfresh Festival in February. (Plus, a new update first Thursdays at Tube Fast Weapons night starting Dec 1.

When and how did you get started DJing?

I think it was in early 2003. My roommate’s friend told me about this open turntable night that happened every week at Beulahland and was like, “You have lot’s of records! You have to do it!” So, we went down there and there was this great little community of people that simply loved to share music. Super fun and supportive. They showed me how the turntables and mixer worked and then I was hooked!

How did you get your DJ name?

My first residency was at Stumptown on SW 3rd. The curator kept gently prodding me for a DJ name that he could list in the calendar. I had this very specific idea of what a DJ was, so the idea of calling myself a DJ seemed totally insane – I was just playing records! It needed to be done though, but every time I’d try to think of a name I just thought the idea of me with a DJ name was so dumb and then the line “Your lyrics are dumb like a linoleum floor,” (from Le Tigre’s “Deceptacon”) would pop into my head. EVERY SINGLE TIME. So I went with that.

Who are your influences/inspirations?

Klaus Nomi, Gudrun Gut, Diamanda Galas and Nina Hagen.

Why do you dj?

I love music and I love to share music. I’ve also found that, being a bit anxiety prone (I know, I know…who isn’t!?), it’s been a great way for me to be in social situations without feeling completely overwhelmed…I like having a job to focus on! It’s also the perfect way to justify my compulsive record collecting.

What parties/clubs do you currently DJ?

I kinda just do whatever seems like it will be fun. I’m spinning the final night of my residency at Yes & No on 11.17.11 and I will be at the Aalto Lounge on Wed 11.23.11. I’ll also be at the Ssuperfresh festival in February… outside of that, I guess it’s just gonna have to be a surprise! Update: I’ll be filling in w/DJ Casual Sax for Fast Weapons night at Tube on 1st Thursdays starting Dec 1.

What genres of music do you like to play?

I’m all about what feels right, so it depends on the situation, but now days I usually just spin post-punk, new wave and minimal synth. I still have all my electro, disco, hip hop, “party jams,” etc., that I’m not opposed to pulling out when the mood strikes.

What are some of your current favorite tracks?

Today I will say…
OMD – “Promise”
Blouse – “Into Black”
Bestial Mouths – “Gulls”
Anne Clark – “Our Darkness”
Trust  – “Candy Walls” …actually I’m obsessed with them right now,
so let’s just say, “anything by Trust!”
I also recently revisited “No Fun (Rework)” by Vitalic and found it
just as exciting as when I first picked up the record.

What do you wish would stop being played out right now?

I don’t go out to club nights a ton lately, so I can’t really complain about most of the music I’ve heard when I have. Perhaps though, I would wish for people to stop playing remixes of songs that seem to have been chosen based solely on the BPM. No matter how bad you want to fit a song into your set, sometimes a remix is not the answer and you need to get a little creative to find a way to make it work.

What was your WORST DJ experience?

I’ve blocked it from my memory.

What was your BEST DJ experience?

There have been so many! I’ve gotten to DJ some pretty amazing parties over the years, met some amazing people and am super lucky to have gotten to host a night that was packed every single week. As for a more specific example, the most recent thing that comes to mind was back when I got people “crowd surfing” in the Yes & No (a first!). Kinda blew my mind.

What makes a DJ experience good for you?

At a dance party: People dancing, really feeling the music and having fun. In non-dance situations: It’s always great when people tell you that they are enjoying the music or come up to ask the name of a song they are excited about…if you can’t show you’re into it with your body, don’t be afraid to use your words! It’s good to know you’re making a connection, however that is expressed.

What are your main pieces of equipment and your favorite?

My records are my favorite things! I still only play vinyl, so I just use turntables and a mixer. I do feel very fortunate, if not spoiled, by the number of places I’ve DJ’ed over the years that have Technics 1200’s. There’s a reason they are the standard! Also, I use Ortofon needles and Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones…if anyone cares about that.

What else do you want qPDX to know about you?

I also play music in a band called Vice Device.

sloppy synths by DJ Linoleum

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