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I believe at this point you’re pretty well aware that this blog is gay, I’m gay, Portland loves a gay gay gay. But Happy National Coming Out Day nevertheless. I’ve had other posting priorities but now that the day is here I have some guilt about not mentioning it at all, so here are some links.

Just Out‘s Guide to local Coming Out Day events – Today may be the actual day, but there are celebrations of outness all week long, so if you just can’t handle being flaming enough on a Tuesday, and I have a feeling I might be one of those people, feel free to save the glitterbombing for the weekend.

Join the #CountMeOut campaign – We all know that the most important place to come out is Facebook, ok, maybe Twitter, so the Huffington Post has some very helpful hints on how to gayify your profile pictures, along with their usual heartfelt commentary. Instructions below! (And not their official Facebook page but another local FB-related resource).

Here are the instructions (or just do it your own way):

  1. Go here:
  2. Rainbow your pic: On the top bar, select “Adjustment,” then select “Color Lookup,” then select the rainbow image.
  3. I.D. Yourself: Click on the letter “A” on the left. Then click on your image, and type “OUT” or “ALLY” (any font, black or white). On the top bar, click “File,” then “Save.”
  4. Make it your profile pic on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  5. Tag it! Post it: #COUNTMEOUT,

Funny coming out stories – is one of my favorite places for girl-on-girl news and culture and this piece is just one example, among many, of why. In it we have out of context snippets of various readers coming out stories. So I guess I also love Autostraddle readers. They’re hilarious. Maybe you’d like to share some and make us look good too?

Kesha celebrates National Coming Out Day – Because, you know, like, you care or something. And of course, teaming up with the most mainstream and oh-so-problematic HRC makes any problematic lyrics or things you’ve said just disappear right? (Full disclosure, sigh, I totally like dancing to Ke$ha, and even like some of her “working-class” ethos, but yeah…um…you know the issues).

And finally, let’s end with a PSA from John Waters, “Coming Out is So Square.”

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