Film Opening: Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl: Let Them Talk, is a movie opening today (Friday) with limited release. Set in 1987 Oklahoma, centers around Danielle, (Juno Temple) the dirty girl of Norman High. She becomes furious when her mother (Milla Jovovitch) announces she is marrying a Mormon, and begins to make friends with an adorable gay boy, Clarke (Jeremy Dozier). Clarke’s homophobic father is threatening to send him off to military school (to meet boys?), and Danielle decides they need to run away to find her biological father. Off they go to Fresno, California, in pursuit of a person Danielle has never met.

I’m always excited, for many reasons, to see Milla Jovovitch in anything, especially this whole Mormon-loving mom bit. Juno Temple as Danielle should be interesting. She had a role in Notes on a Scandal, and will be in the new upcoming Three Muskateers remake, as well as The Dark Knight Rises. We also get to see William H. Macy play a Mormon!

I don’t know about you, but I love movies with queer themes about road trips. I think this one might end happier than Thelma and Louise, but if they drive off a cliff at the end, don’t send me an angry email. Also, as a note on young actors, I think Juno Temple is about to blow up, so, you should catch a glimpse before that happens.


Short Interview with Macy!

At the very least this movie, about being loose and/or light in the loafers, is going to be fun! The trailer reminds me a bit of The Runaways meets Mean Girls

I’m there.

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