A weekend of SugarTown soul outfits, Hard Times Halloweens and a Blow Pony Night of the Living…

Little Tommy Bang Bang during a Halloween of less hard times?


SugarTown outfit October – So there’s your actual Halloween costume, and then there’s just the Halloween theme itself. You can dress a pumpkin, your house or yourself but this party is a chance to bring out your worst Halloween brooch as much as that ugly Christmas sweater party is. This party is mostly about soul music, a welcome break from dancey pop, but it’s also about fashionable expression. DJ Action Slacks embodies that and the desire to match her enthusiasm for the music, the fashion, the dancing the party inspires me, and I suspect all the ST attendees, into creating an incredibly fun queer night.

Peep Show presents “Hard Times Halloween” with Little Tommy Bang Bang – We’ve seen Peep Show transform from a mid-week drag show to a once a month costumed character extravaganza. And that’s just any old month. Imagine what this talented crew of dragsters will come up with on the month everyone competes in the dress up game.


Blow Pony’s Night of the Living Homos – The kickoff to Halloween week is almost here. And no, I don’t have a costume yet. Yes, I’ve heard about the controversy surrounding the name of the annual Blo Po event, and does appear changed. I think it is positive that we have discussions in the community about use of various words by various groups but I also know that the idea of Blow Pony, through the many many individuals involved, has always been one of acceptance and thoughtfulness. And I’ve been too sick to have been involved in this conversation, besides, this is the weekend post, not a commentary column. So I will just say that it is a Blow Pony Halloween weekend that is sure to be filled with all kinds of colorful and ghoulish characters with differing opinions but united under the desire to be themselves and celebrate. So have fun.

4th Annual Moulin Rouge Spectacular Spectacle – Let you inner gay gleek flag fly with this sing-a-long to the fashion amazing Moulin Rouge. A chance to be both child-like and gayer than you’ve ever been and raise your voice with your favorite cheesy movies…without annoying the neighbors.

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