2 Girls, 1 Podcast

Lyska Mondor (L) and Alley Hector love each other, and you, enough to do a podcast together. Photo by Ally Picard.

I’ve had it in my head for awhile now that I want to start a podcast. I want you to take qPDX with you wherever you go, on your iPod on the bus, whatever.

Maybe I just like the sound of my own voice (metaphorically) but Lyska and I decided to do a test round this weekend. Then we thought it just might be entertaining enough to actually put out there. So this is a soft launch of sorts. Tell us what you think, what you’d like to hear us talk about, if you’d like guests on the show. We’re open to suggestions.

You can listen right here using the player below and we should be available on iTunes in a couple weeks. You can also download the M4a file (pretend I just said MP3), save it, keep it forever, put the lotion on it’s skin. So forgive our ums, it’s our first time. We’ll get better at this. I promise.

This week we talk about Leisha Hailey‘s row with Southwest airlines, the upcoming films at the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, historical lesbian drama, upcoming club nights, Halloween and the death of ChiChi and Chonga,¬†toys of the 80s, and the perfect girlfriend.

Please, comment on any and all of these things below.


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