This weekend Touch Your Woman, be it with shopping, soccer, drag, music or Blow Pony

Soccer stars Abby Wambach (L) and Hope Solo of Team Lez (I mean USA)


Momma’s Boyz | Kaylah Marin – The wide base of Bay area drag king competition leaves room for some breadth. So expect a nice dip into some old school hip hop and an urban vibe. And forget the usual lip syncing role. These Mommas Boyz belt it out of their own mouths. Add in guest San Francisco House Music Phenom, DJ Gstar and you’ve got yourselves a party.

US Womens National Soccer Team vs Canada – Did you see that Women’s World Cup Final that we so narrowly lost to Japan? It was the best game we could have lost. No one could begrudge the earthquake/tsunami ravaged country their victory but the USA played a truly incredible game. I am by no means a jock but I was glued to my live ESPN 3 stream (me and the Obamas) for every amazing second of Abby Wambach head-butting it in or Hope Solo diving for the save. So when these ladies, some lesbians some not, come to town you better believe the ladies, football fans and anyone than cares about international sports is going to be at this game. It’s practically inconsequential who the US team is playing against. This is basically a victory lap, a chance to see our stars in action, and ample opportunity for Team USA to get laid.


Touch Your Woman celebration of women in classic country – This week’s DJ of the week, Action Slacks, expands her wide range of musical genres to include a night focusing on the ladies of the golden age of country and rockabilly. Think Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline. AC is making it cool again to like and dance to music other than pop and the bar with the semi truck bursting out of the side if just the place to start embracing music you might not have admitted to loving a year ago.

Fat Fancy summer clearance sale – Vintage bathing suits in in plus sizes for cheap. Do I really need to say more? These style mavens have great stuff and killer deals to offer all weekend. And I trust them to tell you what really looks good. They’ll be gentle but real. I promise.


Old Wars Jen Moon (L) and Kathy Mendonca

Hot Flash dance – Originally for the over 36 lez crew this party has turned the pre-funk on its head. Geez, now I have to party even before the party. And I’m not even allowed to say I’m getting too old for this.

Blow Pony vs Carla Rossi – That big party is back with the likes of local drag wino Carla Rossi. It may be getting cold outside but you’ll always have a dance furnace to go to in Blow Pony.

Play/Start and Old Wars – This combo is doing its part to bring back the rock. Play/Start are a great 4 piece I’ve head bobbed to plenty of times but I’m especially excited for the fresh project of Old Wars. A hardcore sound that comes from just drums and bass features original Gossip drummer Kathy Mendonca and fellow veteran Jen Moon.

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