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qPDX has always had it’s virtual finger on the pulse of gay Portland nightlife, but it’s been almost a year and a half now that I’ve gotten into a rhythm of counting down the Weekend Picks. This rundown, published every Thursday, came about because there’s so much cool stuff to do in this town that I can’t highlight each individually anymore. I am often so overwhelmed by the choices and have to go look it up on my own site. In fact I once described the qPDX Weekend Picks as my own notes about the events I’d like to attend.

But sometimes it’s hard to even remember to go look it up right folks? Some of you may be inclined to text me, and you certainly do, but I have a better solution. I’m going to send you a newsletter delivered right to your little email inbox. So sign up below! I promise I won’t bug you with anything besides fun stuff to do every Thursday.


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