Saved by the Bell or God Save the Queen, music Lovers get Beyond Thunderdome in a weekend of Underwear Crush

We don't need another hero, we just need Mrs. Beyond Thunderdome Saturday

There’s always lots to do on the weekend but only one weekend is bigger than the weeklong celebration of International LGBT film, PLGFF. We’ll have previews all week long so stay tuned.


Cafteria‘s Saved By the Bell edition – It’s time to bust out the cuffed acid wash jeans and use that aerosol to make those bangs into a wave. I’ll even lend you my scrunchie if you meet me at the Peach Pit. Ok, so it’s a special moment of fun nostalgia made right for my exact generation. So let’s all recreate the junior high experience we never had k?


The Shondes, Lovers and Forsorcerers – The ladies of all these of these hometown hero indie rock bands are fierce and fueled and put on an amazing show. Which is nothing compared to the artistry of the songs themselves.

ManTrap@RedCap – This week’s free party features two legendary DJs. One is Seattle’s immensely popular DJ Nark (Fringe Presents/Nark Magazine), who spun at Red Cap’s block party during Pride, as well as being a regular at Genderfucking Takeover and ChiChi & Chonga events. The second is legendary DJ Victor Rodriguez from Los Angeles, a jet setter who has been filling LGBTQ dance floors since the 1980s. You can checkout a recent interview of him here:


Mrs. Beyond Thunderdome – The 80s distopic fashion comes to a makeshift hedonistic BarterTown that Mississippi Studios is bound to become. Beyondadoubt will have you shaking your post-apocalyptic queer ass with some Tina Turner tunes and I hope to see those earrings on someone. Two men enter…no one leaves.

Underwear Twister – Grab a drink from one of Crush’s truly nice bartenders and then promptly spill it on yourself and the cute boy next to you as you whisk off your trousers to play Twister in your skivvies. Need I say more?

Punk Dance Night: God Save the Queen – Drag disaster in the most wonderful way Fannie Mae Darling hosts a night of dancing to punk rock records. So never mind the bollocks, there will be live performances by Ecstacy Inferno,Carla Rossi,Chi Chi and Chonga,Velvet Hexe, Lizzy O’Boom and Nico Bella are all busting out their bondage belts and egg whites.

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