A weekend Gaylabration of peep shows, bears, candy and showgirls (Peaches Christ!)

Carmen Carrera from RuPaul's Drag Race makes an appearance Friday at Peep Show

Don’t forget the biggest fest of the weekend, Not Enough!, preview in this interview with organizers Sheana Corbridge and Edgar Frias.


Love Crimes: Faguette Disco – Haven’t seen DJ Girlfriends around in awhile so I’m glad to see him back and teaming up with another of Portland’s great lesbian loving and adorable gay DJs LunchLady. Advertising a cross of pulp fiction and Tom of Finland means a welcome infusion of irreverence to perk up a scene that hasn’t seen a new night in awhile. (Because we have so many good ones currently I know. Just sayin’…)

Poison Waters and friends happy hour show – Good ol’ fashioned drag you can take your Jimmy Carter-loving parents to.


Peep Show with Carmen Carerra from RuPaul’s Drag Race – The little cabaret that could has started to really make it big. It’s good every time and this month features a special appearance from Logo’s drag reality TV and includes performances by Melody Awesomazing, ChiChi and Chonga, Carla Rossi and too many more to name. I look forward to checking out newcomer Tara Sphinktor as well, if only for the name.

Jelly Roll – This party of size isn’t just for gays and lesbians but we do a great job loving the chub so I’m sure it’ll be a mixed event worth shakin’ that sizeable booty for. Did I mention full figured burlesque?


Gaycation! – Another chance to catch Girlfriends back from hiatus in this already well loved and long running dance party.

Maricones al Matadora 2 year anniversary – Portland has favored mostly monthly nights over weekly but Maricon has been a (mostly) weekly staple of laid back drinkability and danceability for 2 years now. And that’s really a feat in this town. It’s home at the Matador may feel particularly west of center but “homos and their homies” still pack the place pretty much every Saturday, enjoying an intimate dance floor and old school black adn white photobooth, and even the occasional video release party from local drag raunch favorite Gula Delgado.

United: A Gaylabration – Hottest mixes by San Francisco’s 2011 Gay Days Winner, DJ Grind to raise money for Basic Rights Oregon’s education fund plus special VIP area means this is going to be an A-List gay party.

Peaches Christ

Showgirls: The Peaches Christ experience – If you’ve ever rented the special edition of cult classic Showgirls and listened to the Mystery Scient Theater-esque commentary by David Schmader you probably puked with laughter. This will have similar hilarious heckles with the bonus of being in person, so you can throw things at the screen etc. Drag queen Peaches Christ will also preside over an awesome Nomi-thon contest that challenges brave contestants to 5 level obstacle course that includes
swichblade pulling, eating “angry fries”, floor thrusts, lip gloss application and lap dancing. Normally fierce competition doesn’t include pushing people down the stairs but I wouldn’t be so sure about this one.

Mendy’s Candy Shop b day bash – This sugary celebration has officially been around for a year now so come party with the likes of Ecstacy Inferno and Peaches Christ (it’s looking like the “experience” afterparty) as well as candy boys and girlz adn those skilled in the art of the lollipop suckoff contest. Hey, you’ve had a year to practice.

Bearracuda: The return to Rotture – Bears need a lot of room so I’m not entirely surprised this traveling bearfest is back at Portland’s big boy venue. So save up all your honey because these parties are going back to being occasional happenings, meaning they will be bigger and hairier.

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