Wuvable Oaf gay bear comic creator in Portland tonight

Creator Ed Luce in front of his oafy posters and products

I love geeky stuff and yet feel like I don’t get to combine, let alone report on, the intersection of queerness and geekery enough. So, though it’s last minute, I’m pretty excited to blog about this graphic novel creator I found randomly on Queerty this morning.

Ed Luce pens Wuvable Oaf, the story of a “gay, cat-obsessed, Morrissey-loving, hairy giant.” Queerty goes on to say this about the character:

He’s got a crush on  rocker Eiffel, who plays in the “disco grindcore” band Eja©uloid, and his every step propels this alpha bear through a series of weird adventures, all brilliantly captured in Ed Luce’s Wuvable Oaf.

A visually and narratively witty breath of fresh (and very odd) air in the world of gay comics, Wuvable Oaf is the product of writer/artist Luce’s out-of-left-field imagination and make-everything-big-and-round drawing style. The third issue, out now, finds Oaf on his first date with Eiffel (at the restaurant Rage Against The Cuisine) and Oaf’s cat, Santino, involved in a brutal Oz-style beatdown with a gang of mean felines.

Nobody’s night ends well.

Super-fans may want the limited, signed and numbered special edition (limited to 200 copies) which features a gory hoof-print variant cover, a set of three Smell-O-Drama scratch n’ sniff cards and the new EJA©ULOID 7? single, “Sleep Apnea.” (The track comes on a clear vinyl picture disc  and features music from members of hardcore bands Limp Wrist and Talk Is Poison.)

Luce will be available for such signings in Portland today from 6-10pm at Floating World Comics (20 NW 5th Ave #101) to celebrate the release of issue #3 (and in Berkeley tomorrow). Plus Luce will also be debuting o the new “Bungool the Wuvable Ogre” print (from the upcoming Elfworld #3 by Family Style).

You can check out some panels from the series in Queerty’s photo album.

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