Darcelle arrested for assault on OLCC officers, charges dropped

Darcelle, aka Walter Cole, in and out of drag. Photos from KGW.

Sorry for getting this news out to y’all a little late but I was out of commish all weekend. However, last Thursday night 80-year-old drag performer (and Portland institution) Darcelle, also known as Walter Cole, was arrested for allegedly assaulting two Oregon Liquor Control Commission officers. Although the charges have since been dropped an investigation into whether the club Darcelle XV, has been serving minors, is still under investigation.

“Mr. Cole was agressively grabbing that inspectors arms and trying to shove him to get him to leave,” OLCC Metro enforcement unit manager Carl Lewis said. “They did have their badge and identification ready to identify themselves to the door person, but there was no one there and did that immediately there after being confronted by Mr. Cole.”

The KGW video echoes these sentiments but comments around the web have also been quick to point out that bars that are used to profiling and targeting as gay establishments are not likely to trust police and certainly not individuals who have entered the club without paying or showing ID.  What do you think?

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