Portland Queer Music Festival announces lineup

Ever since Homo-a-Gogo left the PacNW for the shores of Cali, there’s been a little queer hole in our music festival scene (and not in any good way). Though it is only one day, the upcoming first of its kind Portland Queer Music Fesitval is chock full of gay goodness for your aural pleasure. The festival features a whopping 27 bands from 3pm to the wee hours and has just announced the official lineup, which I have included below.

In a ridiculously simple but smart and elegant move, the fest will feature 2 stages that will alternate so that each band has time to setup, but you can catch every act without any wait time in between. Brilliant.

With acts from far and wide, encompassing folk, hip hop, electronic and garage rock, there should be something for pretty much everyone. Some of my favorite locals include SistaFist, CJ & the Dolls, and Play/Start and I’ve heard great things about Mattachine Social and Kiss Kill, even if I haven’t made it out to see them. Then there are so many more to discover with names as enticing as I’m sure the performances will be.

Noddy (Seattle)
Secret Shoppers (Seattle)
CJ & The Dolls
The Petite Beat
Lawndree (Seattle)
Seth Bedford (NYC)
The Sexbots
Slutever (Philadelphia)
Pink Slip
Kiss Kill
L.A. Kendall (Seattle)
Mattachine Social
Jedadiah Bernards & The Ensemble Ensemble
Zach Zaitlin
Jamie Treadwell
Julie Schurr (St. Louis)
Dru Rutledge
Jeau Breedlove
Boys + Mixtapes
Damon Boucher
Koortwah (NYC)
Glitterbang (Seattle)
DJ Moisti (Maricon)
DJ Lionsden (Townbombing / Heavy Sugar)
DJ Lunchlady (Queerlandia / Cafeteria)

The Portland FREE Music Project is a non-profit group dedicated to preserving and promoting Portland?s rich music history. You can learn more about them by visiting:

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