This weekend get Bent, ride a gay bike with SMYRC, celebrate MRS Rose Festival, Dolly Parton and a Night of Possibilities

Hello Sailor! 'Maggots and Men' screens Thursday at the Hollywood Theater


Beartown 16 goes all weekend long with an array of amazing events. Perry has some highlights in an earlier post. She was particularly excited about massages but I’m kinda down with the UnderBear Dance Party and how fun it would be to traipse Mississippi with a clan of cubs.

Maggots and Men: Queering History/Revisioning Utopia – This film revisions post-revolutionary Russia with a sailoriffic genderf***ed twist. I love how awesome and weird we can be sometimes. The historic Hollywood Theater is the perfect place to indulge in this film. Fleetweek here we come!


Bent! – Just a damn good queer ass time with an excellent back patio and an abundance of space and politics information. Don’t worry. When you get there it’s all about the lord of the dance.


Gaylords Paradise Gay-rage sale – Not the big yearly event at Vendetta but this garage sale is still gonna be better than Grandma’s. I know these folks. They’ve got style. So their leavings are probably better than your classiest outfit…or at least more outrageous.

Mrs Rose Festival

6th Annual Dolly Parton Hoot Night Siren Nation is one of the few surviving women’s music fests and this is their biggest (or most fun, whatever) fundraiser of the year. And it’s a tribute to the buxom goddess of country, gay supporter and rumored lezzie Dolly Parton. Locals singin’ her songs and doin’ her right.

Night of Possibilities 2 – We’ve all got some many good ideas that never come to fruition. But what if you found someone else, another queer,  that was just as excited about that electronic dada-esque noise band as you were? Well you could get the motivation to make it happen then. And this is your chance! Not Enough Festival, dedicated to the idea that there is never enough queer art and music, is in the fall and this is your chance to get something started in time for that.

Mrs Rose Festival – Ever dreamed of sitting atop that Grand Floral Parade float as a high school rose princess? Well me neither, but the city of roses is every bit ours so stop and smell the flowers as we celebrate our own version of the Portland Rose Festival. You know, without all the homophobia.


Gayest Day of the year bike ride – Join the youth of SMYRC as we take pedal power to the streets and kick of Portland Pride Season right. Everyone knows PPDX overlaps it’s bikeyness and dykeyness but this is an overt celebration with a kickoff of DJs acrobats and more. And even if you ain’t all about the two wheels it’s worth supporting outdoor gay fun.

Love Hurts Pride Edition – Well I may have said the bike ride was a Pride kickoff but for the big bad grownups I guess I gotta say nothin’ says Pride 2011 like a good ol’ fashioned sex party.  3 hot tubs and 2 dance floors, shoot, even if you didn’t want to get off it’d be worth going. But with all these flag colors flying, I’m sure you’ll find someone who floats your boat. Then you can take them to the dance floor or the warm pool. Ow ow!

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