Weekend full of Rae Spoon, a CJ & the Dolls Bent, FOC Fest, Queer Youth Summit, Notorious Neon, and a ‘Divine’ Mrs.

Rae Spoon plays tonight at Saratoga

Rae Spoon with Tender Forever – I don’t know too much about Rae Spoon but this musician from Montreal produces dance-able electro-pop with a deep sense of longing. And he’s apparently a big deal as excitement for this show has reached a fever pitch. I mean, he is real cute in a pink sailor hat. He’s be joined by the equally longing filled local (well, now) Tender Forever. Her beats range from dark and melancholy to nearly pop electronic and always include something interesting like video background or controlling a virtual drum snare with Wiimotes. Ok, I have to admit I’m pretty damn excited too.


Bent features CJ & the Dolls – In a very special pre-tour event, CJ & the Dolls, will be performing at and generally fluffing the crowd at this weekend’s Bent. It’ll be just a taste of what’s to come from the band, as we’ve got a project in the works. And if you thought there was excitement for Thursday night, it ain’t got nothin’ on FriGay the 13th (thanks for that one Mr Charming). The crowd will be filled with intense sexy doll makeup and fierce nails courtesy pre-party nail-fest from Nailed by Ally.

FOC Fest: Females of Color – Girl power can too often be a a little lily white. Not so with this rock fest that puts the women of color first. This two day extravaganza includes an incredibly long lineup with hometown metal faves Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Seed, Sex Hair and more. And in true punk fashion there will also be a PSU sponsored workshop and a zine we featuring interviews with various members of the Northwest music community and individuals from different parts of the US on the topic of Women of Color Musicians.

Bearracuda Everyone’s favorite fuzz fest brings it back to P-Town this this Friday with special guest DJ Freddy, King of Pants! from Seattle.


Oregon Queer Youth SummitIt may not be a dance party but I was just as excited about these opportunities for activism, networking and education as a youth (must explain my adolescent spirit now). It’s open to any youth under 25 and you do not have to be out. After this conference, though, I bet you’ll want to be. Adults can participate too, especially those who work in schools or other youth-centric arenas, as support, learning how to empower youth.

Just a quick note about Market Q. It’s been pushed back an hour to the more GST-friendly (Gay Standard Time) 9am to 2pm, to allow for us night-owls and sleepyheads to catch it.

Legendary drag queer Divine in John Water's 'Pink Flamingoes'

Legendary drag queer Divine in John Water's 'Pink Flamingoes'

Mrs. CryBaby Divine – Themes are really my favorite. I love that at Mrs you’re encouraged to participate, and most everyone does, although there’s no pressure. You might get a little pressure from me, though, as this is one of the best themes ever! So whether you want to come as a big baby in a diaper, a pink flamingo, a demented filmmaker, a nosy teenage photographer, a weeping rockabilly hottie or just don a thin mustache it’s time to engage in a little “low down dirty shame”ful acts at this John Waters celebratory Saturday.

Notorious Neon party with ChiChi and ChongaMan, this is fierce competition for Mrs and it’s costuming will also be fun. Flashback to the 80s and enjoy the rest of the darkness. Even better, if you’re a slacker you can have your makeup done right at the club for only a dollar from from Reesie. And the stoney rapping dynamic duo promise to rob you and smack your ass, which I’m totally down with…


Audition for GenderFantasy – A paid gig for all you dancers out there. It’s helmed by radical drag star and Head Homo 2010 Kaj-Anne Pepper, so you know it’s gonna be good. So show off your fancy footwork and get that body movin’.

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