Cinco de Mayo, Dirtbag and clothes with baggage, Homo’s Got Talent, Bulimianne’s last Butt Plug Klub & 8 1/2 DJs

2010 Homo's Got Talent winner Kaj-Anne Pepper


These Clothes have Baggage art opening – Q Center hosts a photographic show by Geoff Watland examining the role that clothing and personal keepsakes have on our memories of love, gender identity and expression and more.

Cindo de Mayo party at the Flipside – Salem seems to take advantage of all the right drinkers holidays at their pop gay club the Flipside. So get Latin/American and celebrate this weird holiday that doesn’t really mean anything in Mexico. But here it means latin pride and drink specials so hey…

Dirtbag! A stellar dance party – The only night that culminated with a 1AM Smiths dance climax. And besides this is how last month’s free party was described “…kinda totally awesome and dreamy and everyone was making out and feeling fucking free and stuff…”


Homo’s Got Talent dance-off – The third annual HGT is back this year in time to kick off summer. Each year they get a little more incredible but always seem to involve some crazy Gallagher-esque food mess, so bring your rubbers. Also expect a guest dance-demo by Swagger, a burlesque demo by Fannie Fuller and her students and special performance by ChiChi and Chonga, all washed down with the irreverent and judge-mental commentary by celebrity guest judges Mr. Charming, Sossity Chiricuzio and Sea Man. It’d be nice to see some fresh faces here but these 3 can be pretty funny.

Q Center presents The Vagina Monologues – Vaginas like to talk all year, not just Valentines day people!

8 1/2 DJs Holocene DJ All-Star Night – Mr Charming’s going to have a busy night as she rushes over the river for a set with some of the city’s best spinners, gay and straight (or whatever). Lamenting Portland’s lack of DJ-centric culture? Tonight it your night to cry no more.

Butt Plug Klub presents Adios Bulimiana – Ok, I think this might really be the last Bulimianne Rhapsody appearance/performance before the impending move (although I can’t imagine how any other city would so embrace the her dirty drag like we do). But Texas is to be her new home, so the BPK is getting into the spirit with a ranch themed evening, all to be documented photographically by the amazing Eric Sellers (Gula Delgado). Fannie Mae Darling will certainly give a delightfully country send-off and music stylings by DJs Stormy, Grant and LunchLady will make you shake your li’l cowpoke asses.

Adios Bulimiana!


Market Q – The first ever Q Center farmers market will take place from 8am – 1pm so move your hungover asses out of bed to enjoy the sunshine and fresh fruit, both of teh edible variety and, well, the other edible variety. See a full writeup of the event and Q&A with organizer Ali Williams tomorrow.

Jersey Shore Fist Pump party at the Flipside – Salem’s at it again with a tribute to homophobic yet so homoerotic Jersey Shore. I’m pretty sure there will be some kind of Situation fo sho…


Paris is Burning screening – Controversial but incredibly informative, paris is Burning, follows the trials and tribulations of NYC vogue/drag masters in the 80s. And if you haven’t seen it, you’re not queer. And yes, I hope that statement spurs some snotty comments.

Mothers’ Day!¬† – Whether you spend the day with your exceptionally¬† supportive momma, like mine is, or appreciate your chosen queer family mom, this day is for the lady in your life to who helped make you who you are today. You can join ChiChi and Chonga in their special Mother vs Mother edition of Dirty Porno Bingo. As for me, I’m giving a shout out to my crazy amazing, big hair Jersey girl, kick-ass mother, Jill Hector. And that’s your mother’s day present. Just kidding! I’ll totally buy you a mimosa too…

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