Mayor ‘SamDroid’ dresses up for Stumptown comics

Project Mayor-Man winner "SamDroid"

Mayor Sam Adams is a good sport. Portland is irreverent and expects its mayor to match our weirdness step for step. So when Stumptown Comics hosted a contest to dress up the Mayor as a superhero he was all about it. He’s just thankful to be fully clothed, even if it does mean several layers of spanks. Not sure that’s something I need to know about our city-leader-in-chief but there you have it.

Manny McIvor of Portland submitted the winning design, earning tickets to Stumptown Comics Fest and a cash prize. His costume, named “Samdroid” was fabricated by The Alter Egos Society …The costumed Mayor posed for pictures with fest attendees at the Alter Egos Society booth to help raise money for p:ear, a local non-profit whose mission is to mentor homeless youth.

Many super designs were submitted, including “Comic Man” by first runner up Mara, a 5th grade member of the Sunnyside Comic Club.

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