Gay news roundup: trans-skeleton, defense of marriage 180, Satan-fueled gays, missing the Target and sports

"Gay caveman"

‘Transgender’ skeleton discovered– A 5000 year old skeleton identified as male by preliminary examination was buried in a manner usually reserved for females.

The skeleton, which dates back to about 2,500 to 2,800 B.C.,[was part of a culture that] was very finicky about grave rituals, reported Iranian news network Press TV, which visited the excavation site….Corded Ware males were usually buried on their right sides with their heads facing east [accompanied by weapons] This man, however, was buried on his left with his head facing west [accompanied by household items] — a traditionally female position.

Discussion still continues about news outlets calling it a ‘gay caveman.’

NOM organizer comes out in favor of marriage equality: 2010 Summer of Marriage Tour organizer Louis Marinelli has publicly come out in favor of gay marriage, go as far as to say that it was the National Organization for Marriage’s cross-country trip as inspiration for the change of heart. Putting personal feelings aside Marinelli says,

I personally disagree with it. The same way I disagree with many other things other people do with their lives. That doesn’t give me or anyone else the right to prevent homosexuals from being homosexuals or to take away their constitutionally protected civil rights as American citizens.

But perhaps the best part? He publicly calls out the Prez to come out for marriage equality.

Target loses case against LGBT grassroots organization: LGBT flip-floppers Target Corp. has lost its effort to stop local grass-roots activist group Canvass For A Cause (CFAC) from talking to customers outside their stores in California.

American Family Association poll attributes gay “power” to Satan: I didn’t even know that gays in this country had any power, but, according to One News Now‘s recent poll, we should all be thanking the devil for our ability to exact cultural change. While only 15% think we have any money and 30% that we’re intimidating, a whopping 45% say we owe it all to the fallen angel downstairs.

Sports news

NBA players Leandro Barbosa and teammate Reggie Evans hold hands

Brazilian volleyball player comes out: Brazilian volleyball player Michael made headlines this week for publicly coming out and speaking against homophobia after being harrassed and called “fag” by an entire arena at a match in Contagem last Friday.

Ballers caught holding hands: A little closer to home 2 NBA player held hands after a close win this weekend and basketball fans responded with homophobic slurs.

On Sunday night after the Toronto Raptors’ slim defeat of the Orlando Magic 102-98, the Raptors’ Leandro Barbosa took the hand of teammate Reggie Evans as they walked into the locker room. See that big grin on Evans’ face? That’s him telling the world you can be a masculine jock and still feel affection for another dude! Or something. Commenters on the 10-second clip’s YouTube page, however, haven’t been so kind.

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