Fat Fancy sale, ‘Adults’ film screening, Blow Pony and live music from Tender Hooves this weekend

Happy Easter, Vernal Equinox, holidaze...


Q Center film series presents The Adults in the Room – Edgy and engaging, independent filmmaker Andy Blubaugh tells the tale of his affair with a man nearly twice his age, as a 15-year-old in the mid 90s. The hyrbid documentary/narrative film combines re-enactments of their troubled romance and Andy and interviews relationship columnist Dan Savage, educators and social workers to explore this thorny issue of adolescent sexuality and the relationships that make us who we are.

Discos! Discos! A Tropical Dance Party Spring edition – DJ Zac Eno leads this celebration of global bass musics including Cumbia, Baile Funk, Reggaeton, and electro African styles.  This month also features a live baile funk/Moombahton set by Chaach.

Fever Teeth and Tender Hooves – Live music by silly and adorable local up-and-comers Tender Hooves accompanied by friends friends from the north Fever Teeth.


Fat Fancy Rummage Sale Part II – Everyone’s favorite plus size resale boutique is back with $1-4 baskets and 25 to 50% off winterwear.  They usually have nibbles and always have fun people with great taste, so it’s a worthy Saturday or Sunday excursion.

Blow Pony vs Ecstacy Inferno – Oh my god it’s been a month since the last Blow Pony already? I’ve barely recovered. The craziest queer party that you are not longer able to arrive at gay standard time or fashionably late for features drag performances by Candy Shop’s Ecstasy Inferno and Bulimianne Rhapsody. The outlandish Ms Rhapsody will be leaving us for Texas soon, so this is one of her farewell performances. As if you’ll be sober enough to actually watch it by then…

Doll House ladies nightHamburger Mary‘s weekly ladies dance night has become a once a month affair so you better not miss it.


It’s Easter! The day one religion believes a savior arose from the dead and other religions celebrate spring, life, sex and fecundity. So you might as well celebrate something about the season (it’s gonna be pretty nice this weekend) in whatever way you choose, be that hunting for candy and gayly decorated fertility ovoids, going to church, or worshiping at the altar of that hottie you just met when the sun came out and the clothes came off…

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  • Thanks for listing Doll House at Hamburger Mary’s!

    The party now goes from 9pm-midnight! We still have $3 Long Island drink specials, MJ behind the bar and DJ Alicious pump’n the jamz!