UK’s Channel 4 signs trans media sensitivity agreement

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Channel 4 signs agreement to portray trans people "positively and realistically" from now on

According to, Britain’s Channel 4, responsible for bringing such landmark shows as Queer As Folk and Skins (via it’s subsidiary E4) but also Too Fat To Walk (WTF? Oh, it’s been renamed “Too Big To Walk”, well, that changes everything) to the British public and henceforth the world, has now signed a sensitivity agreement, weightily titled “Trans Media Watch’s Memorandum of Understanding“.

In this progressive new step, Channel 4 is the first of any UK TV channel to publicly pledge it’s commitment to portraying trans people and their lives  “positively and realistically”, while supporting trans employees and their families by treating them equally to cis-gendered people and their families.

While I really hope that some day “sensitivity agreements” will be a thing of the past, and TV becomes alltogether more inclusive towards marginalized groups and portrays them without sensationalizing or demonizing them (Hint, hint, Too Fat To Walk) I have to say this is quite progressive and will hopefully send a message to similar media organizations in the UK and maybe even abroad.

Could this happen in the US?

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