First Thursday, Kate Bornstein, Nautical (and plenty of other) Nonsense in a pre-Mardi Gras weekend

Special thanks go to Comcast this week. Technical difficulties made it impossible for this post to get done last night and this weekend is front loaded with goodness. So as soon as you’re done reading this, go out and get the party started!


Summing at the Parts – new works by Gia Goodrich – Installation art provocateur Gia Goodrich is back. This time she explorers the self-creation of gender as it relates to queer identity using a very (pseudo?) intellectual scale she designed herself called the Gender Perceptivity Scale. I’m sure there will also just be plenty of hotness to perceive.

Trans-Life a Communi-T program – Social hour for the trans crew at Q. Tonight is open house which means friends, family and allies are welcome to attend and you’ll be introduced to the Q’s trans social support groups: NW Gender Alliance, Gender Queery, Tranz Guys, and Trans-Fem*.

Dirtbag! – It’s Bruso’s birthday! So you’re just going to have to indulge her in her musical favs such as The Knife, Fever Ray and all things Karin Dreijer (aw sucks). I’m sure she’s take a drink too.

Heroes and Villians with Haberman and Noonan – Come geek out at the uber-friendly Stark Street triangle gay bar Scandals (1125 SW Stark) for new artwork featuring the good guys and the bad guys from Chris Haberman and Kevin Noonan (both Portland Open Studio artists) plus a live band, Sexy Water Spiders, at 8.


Kate Bornstein presents Sex, Bullies and You – The OG gender outlaw herself takes stage at PSU in a 60 minute performance that formed the basis of the bully section in her recently released book, Hello, Cruel World. There’s love for the us gender freaks out there and Bornstein leads the way in talking about it on multiple levels including education, performance, academics and, most of all, fun, which I’m sure this evening will be.

Homomentum‘s Nautical Nonsense – There’s only a few Homomentum’s left this season and it only keeps getting better. This month the Fez (316 SW 11th) will be packed with sailor hats and seamen as the momentum sweeps us up to the high seas. Will someone bust out a best of Booty retrospective? Will pirates make a pillaging, plank-walking comeback? With performers such as CJ and the Dolls, the Drag Mansion, The Glam Collective and more I have no doubt that it’ll be hard not to peek from under that eye patch at the wonders of a nautical themed gaymazing performance.

Samuel’s Birthday Benefit Spectacular – I don’t really know who Samuel is, but ChiChi and Chonga do, well enough to be hosting his b-day, so you know it’s gonna be good. There are too many performers to name, and some of them are top secret so you’ll just have to keep it in your pants until the appointed hour but I promise it will be worth the wait. Folks are asked to give a little somethin’ somethin’ for the Portland FREE Music Project, and come dressed in your Sunday best, whether that’s a tux, drag, tin foil, superhero costume or whatever.

Laughs without Liquor with Felon O’Reilly, Amy Dresner & Ian Harvie – If they’re willing to perform to a sober crowd you know these comedians are confident in their skills. The unlikely trio all have their own recovery hilarity so it’ll be nice to hear about someone else’s inebriated messes rather than reliving my own. Former career armed criminal Felon O’Reilly, the raucous recovering Jewish meth head Amy Dresner, and transgender funnyman Ian Harvie will be stone cold sober, but you might get high just from laughing so hard.

BuTT PluG Klub celebrates Airick’s birthday Glory Hole – Another March DJ birthday! What a blessed month. DJ Airick may be most famous for his ultra-popular Blow Pony night but what he’s really good at is the underground grime. So get on up to the BuTT PluG Klub at Nopo’s Saratoga (6910 N Interstate) before it gets discovered. So lube it up and stick it in for the residents of 3 of Portland’s most popular queer nights and enjoys the sounds 50?s-80?s-Rap- House- Electro- Acid and the obscure shite.

Fuego Friday at the Flipside – Salem’s place to be plans to get you all kinds of latin hot and bothered with cheap ass wells and bombs, and a live video mix by DJ JAY P mixing da best in hip hop, top 40, reggaeton, bachata, and more.

Mardi Gras 2011 – Fat Tuesday is almost here and the seminal gay bar CC Slaughters (219 NW Davis) is ready to get the Mardi Gras party started. So shake your man titties and start that bead collection.


There is surprisingly little on Saturday in terms of nightlife after the whirlwind that is Friday. So you could take this as a day of rest or check out good time weekly regular Doll House at Hamburger Mary’s (19 NW 5th) or take in some more off the beaten path picks such as Hilarious at the Hawthorne (1507 SE 39th).

Dykes for Viks – Let you’re sporty spice flag fly high today as ladies of all sorts bring it for PSU’s women’s basketball team. Even if you’re not a big jock watching a bunch of sweaty women being cheared on by excited gays has got to be a good time. It’s being organized by Lipstick and Dipstick‘s Kathy Belge, and she knows what girls like.


Passion of the Rose Decade Anniversary Mardi Gras dinner party – Not only is the name a mouthful but a tenner towards SMYRC gets you as many mouthfuls as you want of Mardi Gras Gumbo, Jambalaya, and other southern culinary treasures.

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