Art, archives, ‘Love Potions,’ the ‘Notorious’ ChiChi and Chonga and ‘Butt Plugs’ fill your weekend

All new works from Rai Villanueva


CAP Archives Grand Opening and Exhibit – AIDS has been a part of our culture for 30 years now but CAP has been with us for almost as long. Celebrating its 25th anniversary CAP presents an exhibit of activist art and ephemera that will tug on your heartstrings at the same time as making you laugh at past marketing campaigns and images. It is a night of community remembering that will survive the ages long after our hangovers have left us forgetful.

Dirtbag and Drop Shop – Two of the dirtiest, funnest parties in town. Make Thursday dive night to start your weekend right.


New works by Rai Villanueva – Aerosol artist Rai knows paint but she also knows how to throw a good party. So I have no doubt that her new works premiering at the Red E cafe will be shining through a sea of free nibbles and auditory delights in a most complimentary fashion. Its art hipness at it’s best, but without the pretense. Villanueva and her Portland homeland both know how to pull that off with aplomb.

Homomentum presents Love Potions -The superheros over at Homomentum have a broad definition of love I’m sure so any V Day acts are bound to be sexy, silly and even scary. I had initially assumed this edition will also be a bit literary but apparently it’s magical and sinister instead. I’m not sure if it was my own mind that clung to the idea that tomorrow night was love poems rather than love potions or whether the impetus occurred elsewhere but as much as I love the lyric a potion that makes you lose all sense of yourself in pursuit of passion does sound a lot more alluring. It’s just that usually I have a name for that potion…It’s called tequila.

BuTT PlUg KlUb hosted by Bulimianne Rhapsody & Krissa Kunt! – Eddie Murphy knew back in the 80s that the boogie was in your butt and now it’s time to do more than make comedy records about it. It’s time to bring down the house, which is just what new club night upstart BuTT PlUg KlUb has been doing. I barely survived their New Years celebration myself so if you think you can take it like a real good queer you better get your booty to Saratoga. It might not be pretty, but it’s damn well gonna be fun.


ChiChi and Chonga

Notorious with ChiChi and Chonga – Usually the Tube is a bastion of straight hipster hookup scene but ChiChi and Chonga are sure to bring a fantastic drag vato vibe that will make that Pabstini slide down even easier. So get ready to live la vida loca get on your knees by 1AM to beg for more. That’s when the performance starts folks so get your head outta the gutter (or lap…).

And if the Tube gets a little too claustrophobic for your breathless Saturday night in Old Town head around the corner to weekly lady’s night Doll House at Hamburger Mary’s.

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