Casting call for new video art piece

Thought-provoking and avant garde video and installation artist Gia Goodrich is looking for a diverse array of individuals for her next pieces. Not for the faint of heart, her last show at Disjecta featured some disturbing self-choking imagery as well as some comedic, but still very naked and raw, video installations. So here’s the pitch if you’re so bold.

My name is Gia Goodrich and I am a graduate student at PNCA working on my thesis project. The following is a call for participation for my thesis work. The first iteration of the piece will be showing in the MFA central gallery at PNCA in March. This will be a show documenting the process. The second will be the final piece that will show as part of the MFA Thesis exhibition in May.

This piece is dependent upon involvement from individuals of the queer community in Portland its surrounding areas.

Tennis ball shoot (currently untitled)

The final piece will be a multi channel video projection in a grid form (think Brady Bunch) with multiple people shown simultaneously.

Each individual will be shown from the waist. 50 Tennis balls dipped in either blue or pink paint will be thrown at them. I would like you to wear something that is what you would wear normally to express yourself (that can be anything from drag costuming or jeans and a t-shirt). The clothing should reflect your personal aesthetic, unique self-expression and style. That said, remember that whatever you wear will be covered in paint when we are done. Some things will be washable like glasses, but if it’s your favorite vintage Flaming Lips shirt best to leave it at home.

I am looking for any QUEER IDENTIFYING INDIVIDUALS within driving distance of NW Portland. Biological sex is irrelevant. Participants need to be 18 or older or have parental concent.

*I am looking for as much DIVERSITY AS POSSIBLE.*

-If you don’t fit the description to be in the video you can help out in other ways and forward this to anyone that you think would be right for the project

Gender is a societal construct that weighs heavily upon the queer community. My video work brings issues of gender expression and identity politics to a level of visibility in both a public and fine art context.

Now that many leaps have been made in past generations in the various feminist movements as well as in civil rights, I find it important to continue these discussions in a way that shows the many aspects of these multi-faceted issues. –Gender, Power, Sex, Sexuality, Performativity and the Body-

By exploring these issues in tandem with contemporary tools for commentary such as irony, wit and retort the work seeks to provide a new context in which the viewer can mine through these very relevant topics. In so doing I seek to generate questions about gender perception and expression.

Portland, Or.
My studio is in NW on 19th and Upshur.

Shoots will last approx. ½-1 hour. There will be two rounds of participation.

Dates in Febuary:
-Feb. 12th, 13th, 17th, 18th, 19th (times flexible)

Dates in March:

Please send me an email and a current picture to:

Gia Goodrich

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