Keep up your ‘Homomentum’ this weekend through ‘Thick & Thin’ with Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is in town Saturday and she is indeed a piece of work!

Most of us are likely tired (and perhaps a little wounded) by a night out ringing in the New Year but there’s no rest for the wicked. This weekend might be a tad slower than usual but there’s plenty of not to be missed gay weekend events.


Dirtbag! – Just recently revealed as one of the best new club nights of the year catch DB while it’s at its peak.

Drop Shop with ExstasyHot, hip hop, dancing sweating boys and girls. The perfect party for the breadth of your pals.


Homomentum‘s “Freaks of Nature”This queer cabaret was good last year but it’s really gaining in popularity since its move to the Fez and broader audience appeal. It’s proving you can still let your freak flag fly on the West Side.

This month you have the Genderfuck Twins, and adorable real life sibling-sibling combo that manages to push the boundaries in cute and endearing ways. Then there’s Feyonce, the bearded diva and freakishly appropriate bear drag queen. I also have it on good authority that the sultry CJ and the Dolls will have some exceptionally sexy moves to get your freak on to. And I don’t know who the Goddess of Sparkle is but you really can’t go wrong with a glitter/freak combo.

Remember to bone up on your queer trivia or Double Dare skills because you also have the chance to win prizes including the queer version of a manicure, that is, art from Nailed by Ally or a night of comedy from Dana Goldberg.


Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work – I just saw this documentary about ground-breaking raunch comedienne Joan Rivers and I have so much more love and respect for her now. She’s not just a mildly inappropriate red carpet gossip she’s dirty! And she kind of reminds me of my grandmother. Yeah, it’s that kind of family… So if you wish she was your Granny, and she would hate that, check out the trailer below.

Thick and Thin: A Party for Men who Love Men – Brand new boys night that just appeared out of the blue. I usually prefer mixed nights to those that cater to a singularly gendered audience, but even I understand wanting spaces that are our own, or at least feel a little more like home. Laid back enough to enjoy the Rotture covered patio but raucous enough to include live performance by local electronic twins Blunt Headed, as well as DJs, Thick & Thin might just make a dent in the saturated club market…even in the winter.


Dirty Porno Bingo BBQ Edition – I don’t always include weekly parties in the weekend rundown but ChiChi and Chonga‘s sexy game night always has a random and interesting theme I can’t help but highlight. This week its Big Ass Sandwiches so open wide and get yer game face on.

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