Gay celebrating Oscar noms

Annete Bening and Natalie Portman at the Critic's Choice Awards last week. Getty image

In the spirit of new contributor’s Nicole’s piece earlier today on GLAAD’s Media Award nominees I’d like to give a nod to all the Academy Award noms that represented for the homos this year.

Especially exciting are two nominations in the Best Picture category for Black Swan, a pyschosexual thriller which stars Natalie Portman as a stressed out ballerina and The Kids Are All Right, that gives us Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as a lesbian couple whose children are growing up. Bening and Portman were also nominated in the Best Actress category.

Mark Ruffolo who plays the baby daddy in Kids ( which also appears in the Best Original Screenplay section) was a surprise nominee in the Best Supporting Actor category and Swan‘s Darren Aronofsky got a Best Director nod (as well as Best Cinematography and Best Editing). I’m keeping my finders crossed for that one even if it is slightly disappointing not to even have one female nominee the first year after a woman won Best Director for the first time.

As for the snub everyone’s talking about this year? That would be Burlesque, which didn’t even get a nod for Best Song. Ouch.

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