Best public outings of 2010

Ricky Martin is gay?!

Celebrities, as powerful and rich as they are, still tend to remain in the closet. Here are the top 5 folks this year that had the courage to publicly declare their homo-love.

5 – Amber Heard

Actress from The Stepfather, The Joneses, Pineapple Express, spoke openly with about being a lesbian pioneer in Hollywood, during the GLAAD media awards.

4 – Chely Wright

There was a lot of hype leading up to this announcement which was largely met by a big “who?” when the information was finally released. We were all expecting someone really famous to come out, but Chely Wright is a country singer who has quite the following in the South. Oh yeah, and that Christian singer Jennifer Knapp came out too.

3 – Sean Hayes

I don’t think anyone was surprised that uber-gay Will & Grace co-star Sean Hayes is gay. But even though he’s one of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets it took him until 2010 to publicly come out and he’s still a bit uncomfortable breaking a hole in the glass closet. But if you can’t speak out Jack, who can?

2 – Anna Paquin

On the other side of the table is True Blood star Anna Paquin who announced her bisexuality when doing a public service announcement for “We Give a Damn” gay rights advocacy. No one was even speculating but she thought it important to be honest and show youth and the public that anyone can be LGBT. Now there’s some bravery I like to see!

1 – Ricky Martin

Again, not a huge shocker but the former Menudo star is more heartthrob than comedian, and knew that many many ladies would be disappointed to hear the news that Ricky Martin was gay. But the ladies can still swoon over the Latin lover, now complete with miniatures!

And if your thirst for coming out stories isn’t quenched you can find a complete list of the gents who came out in 2010 over at

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