The weekend favors ‘Snowpocalypse’, DB and lots of fun at Hamburger Mary’s

Celestial creatures performs at last year's Snowpocalypse


Dirtbag! – My favorite neighborhood party. If you haven’t checked it out by now you must be soooo 2000-late.

Also don’t forget about weeklies like stripper hip hop Drop Shop and Thursdays are Gay at Beauty Bar.

Mary-oke at Hamburger Mary’s – Every Monday and Thursday until the 20th you have the chance to belt your little hearts out in competition for 2 Swarovski martini glasses valued at nearly $400 that will be raffled off. 1 ticket entry for every song you sing means the the brash among us will have the odds. Plus they promise an extensive song collection and $3 call vodka from Pearl.


Homomentum presents Snowpocalypse – It’s fun making fun of Portland’s inability to cope with the snow. It’s even funner to do it in drag. And Homomentum has turned from the little performance series that could into a full-fledged Hulk hero that fills up the Fez every month. We are finally coming of age…

Dining with the Divas series – Fridays are dinner theater like you’ve never experienced with performer numero uno being Krystal Lynn & Vivica Valentine. Even better an early (6) and a later (8) show mean you can dawdle or be in bed in time for…well…whatever schlock they show in the early Friday prime time slot.


Doll House weekly ladies night – Sweet Julie Newmar another event at Hamburger Mary’s? Hell yeah. Mary’s may be the new kid on the block but she is quickly becoming the place to be with food, drink, shows and dancing. Oh, and they don’t turn on bright lights at 2:30 cuz you can still nosh and dance until 4am. And Crave’s DJ Alicious is at the helm so you know it’s gonna be good. I’ll take a great gay bar with a night centered on the ladies over a downtrodden no longer lez bar any day.

Out-Like-That OLT vet DJ Mel has put on a lot of iterations of this lady party, often with great artsy sexy additions of beautifully sculpted go go dancers in body paint. Art and sex together can’t fail and the beats are always solid. Plus little Local Lounge is a great new neighborhood gay spot.

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