‘Homomentum’ is back so grab your ‘Cub’ and get ready to ‘Do the Dark’

Riley and Flo sport matching denim onsies at Dirtbag


Weekly or monthly, neighborhood or downtown Thursday is a night for favorites Dirtbag! and Drop Shop. I’ll be swillin’ at the perfect little party that could in one of my favorite just big enough locations on Alberta St. Of course, don’t forget the first night of artsy schmoozing at the exciting and all ages Siren Nation festival, which continues all weekend.


Homomentum: Rebels & OutlawsThe monthly variety show of thematic queer fabulousness is back from summer break with more mayhem and a new location. Downtown’s Fez Ballroom (SW 13th and Stark) should be a much better venue with more room for watching than last year’s now defunct E Room. I have been especially devoid of Catitude in my life lately and I can’t wait to see what they do with such a rebellious theme. Little Tommy Bang Bang & Slim Pickins, Swagger and the long missed All of the Above, should also have some hilarity mixed with hotness that I just can’t wait for.

Parlor IIIThe myth of the ugly lesbian is being swept away, thank goddess, and its folks like those behind this night of pampering that make it possible. Come get Nailed by Ally get a pedicure, get your hair did (ok, so no pedis but I think there’s massage sometimes). Oh, and find out your future with some Tarot readings.

C.U.B. (Cubs ~ Unity ~ Bears) – Bears are the hippest queers in the PacNW right now and cubs are the cuter version. I’m pretty close to one myself (let’s have a hair conversation some time). As such Oregon Bears members get the royal treatment such as happy hour food and $1.50 wells and $3 calls until midnight. Damn! But don’t worry little cubbies, because everyone, big or small, hairy or smooth is invited and at 9pm, the bar will put out a complimentary snack table. Raffles, dancing, benefits, kick ass DJs…you really can’t ask for more.


Do the DarkDD only recently moved up from Thursdays to Saturdays so it’s still getting its weekend footing. But this week they have special guests Jodi Bon Jodi from Blow Pony and DJ Gutter Glamour from Dirtbag so it’s gonna be off the chain. And have I mentioned how much I like the Tonic (NE 30th and Sandy) as a space? Cheap ass drinks, plenty of space to sit and talk or sit and gawk at the dancers in the dark. Oh yeah, and a dancefloor just the right size for getting close without getting claustrophobic.

F/U/C/K Local Lounge (MLK and Fremont) is quickly becoming the NE gayborhood bar with pretty equal numbers of ladies and gents, which is just the way I like it. But this night should be a pretty female infused night from the cerators of Out Like That and featuring DJs Mel and Mani. They’re advertising no drama and great drinks. Friendly bartender Kat knows how to pour a drink, so don’t bother with the nibblies. I have less faith in the drama but I suppose if the pours are still enough you won’t remember in the morning anyway.


Dirty Porno Bingo with ChiChi and ChongaNot only are ChiChi and Chonga 2 hot new things on the block but so are games, contests and prizes it seems. And hey, why not engage in a little steamy old lady gambling? Plus, in case you missed out on the spa day on Friday you can have your locks shorn but the fabulous Allison May of Cuts for Queers.

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