Happy Thanksgiving Darcelle and all!

Darcelle loves the holiday season

In honor of your Thanksgiving day feast I want to present you with 80-year-old local drag legend Darcelle on KPTV FOX 12’s Thanksgiving Cook-a-thon. They get pretty silly, bordering on raunchy, for mainstream TV. Without Darcelle, she says, they would have had a “dirty bird,” which is likely true, as she was the only one brave enough to stuff her hands in between the turkey’s thighs. “Out come the surprises. It’s like a Cracker Jack box…”

The bird recipe looks pretty good too. They claim it’s the juiciest, as it includes a whole bottle of champ…minus a few glasses for the chef. “The turkey’s dead. It doesn’t care about the booze. We care about the booze.”

Bravo Darcelle, Bravo.

And for the procrastinators among you here are some last minute T-Day recipes and some tips for the unexpected disasters. And for those of you just not that into it at all fellow PDX blogger Dave Knows tells you all the things to do in Portland on Turkey Day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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