A weekend of Andrea Gibson, fat fashion, ‘Primal Cuts’ of meat, ‘Gaylarious’ comedy and the get down

Andrea Gibson performs Saturday at the Q Center (my bad)


The good news is that you haven’t missed her, but hopefully no one trudged over to the Q Center last night to see Andrea Gibson on my bad advice. She performs Saturday the 20th. Description below.

Primal Cuts a raucous book release – PDX gays might be known for veganism but I’ve also met a damn lot of folks who have been lured away by the smell of bacon (or, like me, were too hedonistic to ever give up meat in the first place). But just because one is a foodie doesn’t mean one is heartless, so there has also been an upsurge in the discussion of where our animal products come from and how they get to our plates.

This party is in celebration of Marissa Guggiana’s Primal Cuts but I suspect the bigger draw will be the 16 whole animals coming from 3 different farms (all heritage meats), hors d’oeuvres from Salt, Fire & Time and The Ethical Butcher and a Hario Pour-Over Station from Intelligentsia Coffee. Plus all your favorite photobooths and DJs who will then move to the afterparty down the street at Homo-Deluxe.

Gaylarious! A One Night Stand with Sabrina Matthews – Not only is this a busy Thursday night, but it’s a break from the usual dance and drink partying that we are so good at. I love ’em don’t get me wrong, but injecting some diversity in our events like food and comedy is a welcome addition. And this comedienne, known for her caustic wit and ability to be the “last comic standing” is big time, Logo, Comedy Central, the big girl gigs. Hosted by our own first lady of comedy Belinda Carroll.


The biggest night in town is likely to be the final Miss Thing Pageant which I covered yesterday. Don’t forget.

Feminist Film Society presents Prom Night in MississippiBeginning this week the FFS will present a new film every 3rd Friday. Though this one focuses on the racial integration of the prom it has a timely analogy in the recent trials of queer high school students such as Constance McMillen.

Doll HouseNew last minute ladies night at Hamburger Marys. It’s just divey enough that it should be a lotta fun. Plus DJ Alicious is at the helm.


Don’t forget the Transgender Day of Remembrance happening at PSU!

Naughty items from SIze Queen clothing, which will be at Fat-a-Licious

Fat-a-licous fashion show – Another great hunger for qPDXers have is fashion, and because we’re already food friendly and body positive it’s a no-brainer to celebrate the full figure. Fat-a-licious will feature styles from Size Queen clothing and vintage and resale reigning retailer Fat Fancy. Pair that with performances from Bruce T.D. King, Deviant Dustina, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and special guests and you’ve got an uproarious outfit extravaganza followed by a flab shakin’ dance party.

Andrea GibsonPoet activist Andrea Gibson is a prime example of the arts/politics meld that holds so much sway locally. Her 4th CD, “Yellowbird,” also has musical accompaniment in the form of piano, global drums, violin and dobro (i.e. fancy guitar). With a soft andro style complimenting her talents she’s a lesbian college kid’s wet dream.

F/U/C/KAlthough it’s billed as a low drama night for the ladies I kind of doubt that can be totally true on this intimate dancefloor in tight knit Nopo in an already incestuous city. But hey, organizer DJ Mel is right about the awesome venue and kickass drinks so I say it’s worth it. Besides, up and coming DJ Gutter Glamour is guesting.

GaycationThe old standy by is still kickin’ out the jams with some of the hottest DJs in town. Plus newbies go here, so get ’em while they’re fresh and un-jaded.

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