Weekend picks, Halloween edition

Fannie Mae Darling in 'Trannysnatchers'

This is the weekend that all the gay ghouls come out of the woodwork for All Hallow’s Eve mayhem. So whether your pleasure is tricks or treats there’s bound to be a party, or 2, for you.


Cafeteria, HomoDeluxe and Drop ShopThursday isn’t particularly spooky, although I have no doubts there will be some excellent costumes at “lunch trays and ghoulish gays” themed Cafeteria. Dead lunch ladies? Zombie assistant principals? Vampire cheerleaders?


Crave‘s Halloween Bash – Sexy undead go go dancers and the chance to show your own go go off with costume prizes in several categories like originality, scariest, sexiest, nerdiest and cutest couple. The featured drink of the night is ‘Monster Punch,’ sweet/sour and strong, and it’s only 2 bucks before 10. Plus VIP passes and incentives for friends makes this the it party for girls.

Zombie formal wear

Junktion presents Queer Zombie FormalWhen cavorting, undead high school style, slow dancing is back. No need for the Bible between you…you’ll only burn. DJs Brodeya and Free Range will have you screaming for brains.

Leotard 2 Electric BoogalooAn 80s “let’s get physical” theme is great at any time of year but this second time around for Leotard should be especially outrageous near in the Halloween season. If you haven’t figured out your costume yet neon colors are a great place to start. Richard Simmons look-alike contest anyone?

SpookyNatureManny & the Mexorcists make for a great queer electro-rockin’ time. This is an all ages event at a great space where you can still get a drank if you are of age.

Heavy Metal Ladies Night Halloween Edition – OG wife-swapper Gina Bling hosts a hardcore listenin’ party at the only bar with a semi stickin’ out the front. Tomb Smoker, Fucking Lesbian Bitches, Palo Verde provide live music.

And, of course, don’t forget about Hamburger Mary’s Haunted Opening


Q Center SpooktacularFamily friendly afternoon fun that includes pumpkin carving, crafting, costuming and caramel apples…sans razorblades!

Trannysnatchers fundraiser and Texas Chainsaw Massacre showingFannie Mae helps promote a hot tranny horror movie coming soon to a theater near you. And, NO, it’s not porn! But it will be scary and sexy. Plus everyone’s heading to Eric Sellers’ nearby party after, which is private so I’m only going to allude to it. But I will likely make an appearance after I get kicked out of Rotture.

Wicked Awesome! Big Halloween Party and Queer Cover Bands Show – Second year running of celebrating All Hallows Eve with not just a debaucherous dance party but a league of queer cover bands. The club scene will be led by bearded drag diva Feyonce and amplified by DJs from all your favorite queer parties like DJ Beyonda, Mr Charming, Lunch Lady and organizer Freddie Fagula. Ladies from Erase Errata, Team Dresch, Judy and more singin’ songs from Fleetwood Mac, Celine Dion, Heart and other cheesfest favs. This shit is going to be 2 floors of epic…but less discovered than Blow Pony.

Bent Halloween bash

BentThis is the big boy grown up party raising funds for the Equity Foundation. Costume Contest Celebrity judges including Mayor Sam Adams, Inessa from KINK Radio and Byron Beck, will award prizes in the categories of: Best Group, Best Individual, and Most BENT! Emceed by the eminent Poison Waters, Bent is the preeminent non-traditional, sophisticated, provocative, “off-kilter” environment for the fat wallet set. That don’t mean it ain’t gonna be good. Our sexy city center Mayor is gonna be in full costume and the event is chaired by film-artsy boy-lover Gus Van Sant. It’s an anyone whose anyone kind of party that aims to raise $50K towards Equity Foundations community-based grants and scholarships for LGBT students in Oregon.

Halloween 2010 Saints and SinnersI don’t know who they think they’re kidding to find any non-sinners in this hippie version of Sin City but I’m happy to help with the trials and seduction. Boxxes for the goodie two shoes and Red Cap for the baddies but who are we kidding? Costume prizes with cash money for best angel, best devil, and best original outfit means that even the most angelic among us will also have to be at least a little naughty.


As for Halloween itself, there’s actually not terribly much going on. It is a Sunday, a day of rest, and a day to hand out candy until the tweens start showing up late and taking all your Butterfinger that you so carefully saved for your own Sunday night hangover.

But if you are simply not done yet there is the gayish night at the Aalto, the Dangerous Boys Club at Rotture and numerous laid back ghost parties.

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