‘Fired’ student teacher Seth Stambaugh reinstated to Beaverton School District

Stambaugh speaking at the Q Center. KATU photo

Folks were shocked to hear that earlier this month a Lewis and Clark student teacher, Seth Stambaugh was let go from the Beaverton school district for revealing that he would marry a man if it were legal. There has been much discussion and outrage in the last few weeks and last Thursday the Beaverton School District voted unanimously to reinstate Stambaugh, while also issuing an apology. From Superintendent Jerry Colonna:

Dear Beaverton School District Staff:

As many of you know, a student teacher at Sexton Mt. Elementary School had a change in placement due to concerns over a conversation he had with a fourth grade student. I acknowledge and want to apologize for the hurt and disappointment this incident has caused our staff, students and community. This issue has brought to light system flaws that we are working to correct this year and beyond. This is indeed a teachable moment for the District.

As superintendent, I am ultimately responsible for ensuring that our school system is free from discrimination and that students, staff and community members are respected and feel safe in our schools. It will take time for the community to heal, and move forward, but we are committed to earning back the trust of all we serve. Only our actions and results over time will prove whether or not we have been successful.

Whether or not Stambaugh will still file a discrimination lawsuit is unclear.When first asked he said he would prefer not to, but later added that “certain actions are in the works.” For the immediate future, his concerns were with his return to the classroom.

More information as it becomes available.

3 comments to ‘Fired’ student teacher Seth Stambaugh reinstated to Beaverton School District

  • He could have been like everyone else, gay or straight, by simply stating that he was not married and leaving it at that. If he had used that approach he would not have had to get his job back. He would have already never lost it in the first place. Do you think that a straight man is going to answer “no, I’m not married” and explain why? No. Most kids just want to know that you are married or not and that’s it!

  • Clay-

    If you had read the original article you would see that it was only after the child continued to ask questions that Stambaugh replied:

    “Later in the week, Stambaugh was leading a journaling activity in the classroom when one of the students asked whether Stambaugh was married. Stambaugh said he was not and, when the student asked why, replied that it would be illegal for him to get married because he “would choose to marry another guy.” The student pressed further, asking if that meant Stambaugh liked to hang out with guys and Stambaugh responded, “Yeah.” That was the end of the conversation.”

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