Burlesquire makes for an early weekend but don’t forget to ‘Drop Shop’ it, bend it, ‘Stain’ it, (Dirt)bag it and get some ChiChi and Chonga

Burlesquire performs monthly at Burlesque in Boyland


Burlesque in Boyland with BurlesquireThe weekend just keeps getting earlier! Forget that I’m currently missing out on both Peep Show and Gay Survivor at the moment, tomorrow ushers in the inaugural boylicious burlesque show with Burlesquire. Though there may be male strippers aplenty no one has the sexy shakin’ it skills like these boys. They are loved by lesbians even. Which is why it is so appropriate that they bejoined by Rose City Siren Delilah Sinn and a host of varied sexy-as-hell genders.


Welfare AIDS film premiere from ChiChi and ChongaThese amazing drag queens have exploded onto the scene in a mere few weeks. I’m already overwhelmed by their amazing performances and hotness. And they’ve already got a film premiere! Shit! It’s also a benefit for AIDS Walk Portland and oh so many drink specials…

Drop Shop afterparty – Don’t worry if the drink specials have you blazed already, just keep on keeping on at Red Cap for Drop Shop right after the film premiere. A combination of Portland favorites strippers and queer DS is helmed by DJ Mani who drops the booty shakin’, ass bouncin’ beats of Nola and the dirty dirty south. Or as close as you can get in this town. Plus pole dancing lead by DQ extraordinaire Exstacy Inferno. Hot.

Finn Paul's 'Transference of Innocence'

Transference of Innocence art opening – Local artist Finn Paul presents disturbingly sexy portraits in conjunction with childhood snapshots and narratives. These photographic works about the relationship to class and family of origin are only the beginning of an art fag weekend.

BTA Awards Afterparty with DJ LifepartnerIn Portland it can be tough to distinguish between the queer and bike communities. We dance and dress the same. I’m ok with that, cuz I love queer bike aesth-sex-tic. (Can you tell I’m writing this tipsy?) But seriously folks, Lifepartner is the life behind No Shade and that’s a damn good party. Add some wheels to it and you can’t go wrong.

Dirtbag!!!Just about the best Thursday party since Booty, DJ Gutter Glamour doesn’t play your usual top 40. This FREE fucking party takes it up a notch with indie electropop, 80s dancefloor melancholy and a hip hop set by DJ Kid Gloves (that’s Ryder folks!).


That’s Not Funny! A Feminist Comedy Show – I think we all know the joke: “How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”…”That’s just not funny!” And indeed it might not be. But these ladies are! Just because you believe the radical notion that women are people doesn’t mean you take everything so seriously. If so then I’m a mythical unicorn…which may be true.

BentYou know it. You love it. You’re gonna freak during it. The only recent party where both my pants and shirt have come off. Not that I’m a prude, but still, that’s saying something.


David Fletcher's 'Stained'

Stained art openingDavid Fletcher brings a new age of stained glass art to the hipster world of Portland with dirty dirty images in glass. If only tighty whities had been the focus of my catechism….

E Room Closing PartyBy now we’ve all heard that the once lesbian bar the E Room is refashioning itself as the “normal-friendly Weird Bar. But whatever your opinion on this situation a final farewell is in order, and likely to have your little lesbian heart in tears.

BearracudaBears are the IT thing in the gay male community in this town and this west coast soiree is the IT party. You’ve got to know that by now if you like the fuzz.

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