New queer foodie show 'Put it in your mouth with Wyatt Riot'

'Put it in your mouth' with Wyatt Riot

For awhile there was a Facebook group trying to get local queer foodie Wyatt Riot his own show on Logo. I don’t think it got very far. But Wyatt doesn’t need MTV networks to make homos in PDX want to know about the best food carts and places to put it in your mouth. I mean, Portland was recently voted #1 by CNN above Thailand for our street food.

So, instead he launched his own show Put it in Your Mouth along with Wolf and Owl Productions. And I’m sure we owe a lot of the cooking and the eating to the gay munchers.

In this first episode below Riot and crew visit Wicked Waffles on N Killingsworth and Greeley created by acclaimed Chef Jeanne Subotnick (Shakers Cafe, County Cork) and Waffle Guru Matthew Subotnick. With both sweet and savory options there’s something for all palettes as early as 6am…(Do Portlanders really get up that early?)

They tried 4 varieties, the cinnamon and sugar, blueberry and whipped cream for the sweet and a gravy and bacon and eggs waffle for the savory. The one that catches my eye, however, is the Belly Hai: vanilla bean waffle with pineapple chunks, sliced banana, topped with coconut infused yogurt.

Obviously these good eaters enjoys stuffing it all in, but I would have liked to hear a little description and review of their favorites and why, what works and what falls flat. I’m sure it’s tasty but is it, say, tastier than FlavourSpot? I’d also appreciate a little research into the owners, what they were going for, if they have a website and any other interesting background stories. Inquiring foodies want to know…

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