Labor day weekend picks for the 'Mrs.' first time, frozen t-shirt's last time, and Static's good times

Kaj-Anne Pepper hosts the first Mrs.

As much as I love you all, I can’t say I’m sad to leave town, which is currently raining and may be one of the shortest summer’s I’ve ever experienced in my many PDX years, this holiday weekend. But there are a few eclectic first and last times that are worth checking out if you are braving the local weather for that last sprint of summer good times…


TJO’s solo show :::VERTIGINOUS VESTIGES AND OTHER PROOFS THAT IM PHYSIOLOGICALLY INCAPABLE OF BEING A REALIST::: a doodle book – Tara Jane O’Neil is most known for wielding the musical axe but she’s also an avant garde visual artist. Her doodle book selections whimsically incorporate the elements of Dada and Primitivism into a contemporary comic book sketchpad. Food from Dovetail bakery and dykes making music. Oh and likely the best underground art at First Thursday…or at least the most Basquiat.


Static with DJ SapphoUnfortunately the house, trance and techno dance scene and the queer one don’t often overlap in Portland even though there’s plenty of club-goer crossover. And besides, it’s totally gay…But I’ve been trying to convince the amazing DJ Sappho, already of the appropriately leztastic name, to spin at a queer night. It hasn’t happened yet but if we go to the mountain once, maybe the mountain will come to us someday? Don’t you love destroying already tenuous sayings? Well, it’s time to leave our Nopo gayborhood and destroy the dance floor at the dark and free BC’s (2433 SE Powell Blvd).

DJ Sappho


Mrs. First Time – Be gentle young newlyweds. Top homo Kaj-Anne Pepper leads us into temptation with the virginal opening of a new Mississippi Studios (3943 N. Mississippi Ave) gay event. Yes, it’s another new queer night in stumbling distance of my home. I think they know if they rotate around me they’ll make plenty of money on drinks.

But besides that great space I’m also exceptionally excited about the spinning skills of BeyondaDoubt who only cranks it up at a few gay themed nights these days. I can have a good time listening to lots of locals on the pseudo-decks but Beyonda’s got the real skills and I appreciate that.

I know you all love to see your pretty faces up in lights and on the interwebs so make sure you wear your whitest whites for the photobooth fun and help be a part of the decision for next month’s theme.


The E Room‘s last ever Frozen T-shirt ContestWe’re all going to be sick, along with sad, about hearing all the E Room’s lasts for the next month and a half, but at least this is a particularly fun one. You can’t be sad when pretty girls are struggling with cold hard t-shirts for your viewing pleasure. And it’s ok if we don’t have the hottest Labor Day weather, nipples are harder the colder it is…

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