‘Gay Survivor’ begins tonight

Although one night a week at CC Slaughters is hardly akin to subsisting on nothing but bugs in the jungle, I’m sure there will be trials aplenty for the 12 contestants participating in Portland’s Gay Survivor season 2. Hosted by Kevin Cook aka Poison Waters, Survivor promises bizarre foods and complex puzzles in a race against time every Tuesday. And to the winner? A thousand dollars and the knowledge that you will trade 10 weeks of dignity for it.

Though sole lesbro competing, Emily Gibson, host of PDX.FM’s Morning Submission radio show, might not do so great at the puzzles, I’ve seen her down some pretty nasty stuff. So I’m betting on her in the bizarre food category. But I might go get a drink instead of watching it happen.

But if you embrace the grossness, the competitive spirit, and the weirdness of Portland all at once you will find plenty of entertainment in the battle between Tribe Weathergirls and Tribe Supremes. So far we do not know who is on what team, nor do I have any idea what to expect from tonight’s opening. But I do know I want to find out.

You can keep track of the action from the Survivor standings page if you miss a week.

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