Be an old school OQ at the Original Queer Night tonight

I did a search for queer 90s and this came up. Pretty emblematic now that I think about it...

We all know by the trail of dead nights (RIP Market and Castro, Manic Mondays et al) how tough it can be to get the queers out on a Monday night. But back in the days (you know, the 90s) were we had to beg venues for a night of gaiety the original Queer Night at La Luna on Mondays reigned supreme.

Now Mississippi Studios (3943 N. Mississippi), which is quickly becoming to new queer event go-to space, is taking up the mantel and celebrating the past while enjoying the present…even if you do have to work tomorrow. Sometimes you’re just not ready to let the weekend go, and today’s Original Queer Night Secret September Hard Launch is just the right time for this sentiment.

First of all it’s free and there are drink specials all night long. You were just going to drink at home anyway, right? Instead you can catch some great music from the decks of DJs Hufnstuf and Lunch Lady as well as a special guest performance by BabyPuppySailorSuit. His tight-panted aim is to get you dancing and laid, his instrument, electronic beats. After this set you will surely have something to confess in tonight’s confession booth, and maybe a partner to join you in the photo booth…I don’t think they’re the same booth…but it’d be pretty entertaining if they were.

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