The week's live music includes the Cliks and, of course, Lady Gaga

The Cliks play tomorrow at Roseland

We are all in a tizzy over Thursday’s Rose Garden Arena Lady Gaga concert, whether we are going or not. Those of us unable or unwilling to pass the hundred dollar mark for nosebleed seats are still poised by the radio hoping Z100 will pick us to sit in the front row.

And how much more can you say about Lady Gaga besides the multitude of videos, announcements and arguments we’ve already covered?

Perhaps a better show to check out will be tomorrow’s Cliks, Hunter Valentine, Killola show tomorrow at Peter’s Room, the downstairs of the Roseland Theater (10 NW 6th Ave). Canadians Cliks and Hunter Valentine both graced Portland with Pride performances with straight up rock’n’roll fever, although the Cliks’ frontman Lucas Silveira may be more famous this year for being the first transman to top Canada’s Sexiest Men list. And although they haven’t been my personal favorite, the Cliks have continued to win the hearts of fans not just with sexiness but with Silveira’s nuanced, gender-less though non-T-enhanced voice since their 2004 debut.

Just Out has a couple great interviews with both Silveira and the Cliks, as well as Hunter Valentine, if you want to find out more about them.

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