The weekend picks include homeSICK, queerbait!, and ‘One Night Stand’…all for your dirty dirty desires

Jimme Jamma brings down the haus with homeSICK, Saturday. Photo by Peter Sorfa.


A-Wol Dance Collective presents Art in the DarkFit, beautiful amazing women dancing and flying through the air. And I hear that background looks like a giant fabric vagina.

Whip Cream Olympics at Red Cap – Yet another Red Cap party that some will be titillate some and disgust others, this is a week long championship of feats of athleticism involving that sweet, fluffy treat.


Pre-funk with DJ Lunch Lady – Low key Killingsworth coffee shop red e (1006 North Killingsworth) is one of my new favs, (even though I also love the nearby CoffeeHouse 5) and DJ Lunch Lady will be at the helm for an early evening art opening. I heard that his inaugural Cafeteria party at Vendetta was off the chain, so combine that with free alcohol and it’s the perfect start to your weekend.

Uniporn Art Show and Raffle – Bestiality might frighten some, but I prefer to think of “unicorns” as more of a metaphore. They are mythical after all. And they fart rainbows, apparently, so they must be gay. And Chaz did my tattoo. And it is magical. So go.

Art Party’s august installation downstairs, RansomPDX up – Get your art fag on at Branx with exciting performances by folks like Jane Paik…wow! And discuss fluxus among the artistry. Way cooler than First Thursday dudes, plus there’s dancing. But you can hit up another great gay party upstairs (for a separate entrance) with a raunchy, costumed, hot gay discoteque.

Babe Cave at its new Holocene digs and Inside/Out at the old one – So Babe Cave was at the Beauty Bar (111 SW Ash) for awhile, although I never made it. But now it’s at Holocene, with a nice addition of much missed former local DJ Automaton. While back at its former locale is another queer night hosted my former Fruitcaker DJ Ladyboy that promises to be, “70s/80s disco/funk with more current dance jams, and trying to put together the appropriate ambiance with fancy lights and a fog machine, perhaps?”

Dystopia 80s vs. 90s War on the Dance Floor! – Or you can move up one more decade and go for Red Cap’s (1035 SE Stark) 80s vs 90s dance-off. My what a busy night!

Seattle's queerbat! featuring Meredith Meiko, Tova Eisner, Johanna Breiding and Gina Young


Tuff Luck Presents: queerbait!, DJ Nark and La Fraicheur! – Small and intimate the IOW/Tuff Luck space (8 NE Killingsworth) is an exciting venue to see performance art. And just by looking at queerbait’s costumes I’m getting excited. Fur and feather mustaches make my heart and my dancing feet flutter. And DJs I’ve never heard before, including one from Montreal (a city I truly love minus the bitter cold winter) make this probably the most killer ALL AGES dance party all year. And I’m only a little scared of underage college kids…

Jimme Jamma’s homeSICK – This ain’t your average garden party. Jamma is taking his queerdo dark costume party to his own house, so you can bring it down. BBQ, dancing, live performance, and appearances by the stars of the upcoming film Trannysnatchers. If you thought it couldn’t get any dirtier than Sissyboy, you were wrong.

E-Room Mom’s Retirement party – We all have our ups and downs, complaints and joys surrounding the E Room but it is an institution. And this slowing down, possible upcoming closure, and continual troubles financial and health in nature are totally a bummer. And one more piece of the puzzle leaves the Room this Saturday. But instead of being sad, it is time to celebrate the E Room Mom and send her off in style. We all deserve a break.

God-Des and She in Salem – qPDX, is pretty Portland-centric. It’s in our name after all. But we’re trying to find all the gayest stuff to do in all of Oregon. And Salem’s Flipside Bar (285 Liberty St NE) is one of two gay bars in our capitol and it’s run by two lesbians. And now they’re getting their own kudos as a legit Oregon dyke bar with live music from hip hop mavens God-Des and She. Our babies are growin’ so fast…Shoot, soon we’ll have gay bars at the coast!


Queer Porn Night screening present One Night Stand – We may not all want to relive those back alley encounters, but if watching porn with fellow queers, strangers though they may be, in the safe space of a feminist bookstore is a safer alternative I highly recommend venturing out of your comfort zone, just a little bit. Or you could break out completely a take someone from the screening home. Either way this flick is made by the French, so it’s gotta be good. And isn’t a little getting off just the way to wind down a weekend?

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