The weekend in glowing lasers, lots of meat, last summer Gaycation and plenty of 'Thee Satisfaction'

THEESatisfaction plays Friday at Rotture as part of Menz Room. Photo courtesy of Maceo Paisley


sPLURt! episode 2 – I’m starting this weekend off tonight because how could I not highlight a bukakke-themed 90?s rave revival party? Really, I kinda think the 90s are back with a vengeance and I did always have a hard time letting go of the Peace, Love, Unity, Respect mantra. Plus with a photo like theirs and a promise to go home covered in something it’s likely we’ll all be pre-squirtin’ before the real weekend even begins.


Drag Queen Bingo wine and food tasting – Hosted by eminent drag queen MC Poison Waters how can you go wrong with tiny tasty hors d’oeuvres and some fancy sips?


Crave presents 3D Laser PartyDid you know that Tron is coming back? Well, apparently all things neo-retro-futuristic and cheesy hella cool are. And the lesbians already knew about it. Last August was the “glow” theme (see the boys bringing it back below) and this year you get to see the hot summer nekkidness in full 3 dimensional glory. And if it’s your birthday you might even get a lap dance. Just remember, they can touch you but you can’t touch them. Oh yeah, and get yer drank on early cuz its a meager unemployed Portlanders wet dream with 2 buck wells from 8 to 10.

Menz Room presents Thee Satisfaction live with Starlight MagicOk, so these girls are off the chain underground Seattle hip hop and they STILL haven’t played Portland. What are you waiting for ladies? We are so ready for you. School us please…we’re gonna like it.

Dating Game/Lube wrestlingMore of the same, but it’s wrestling with hot dudes. ‘Nuff said.


Baconfest!’s lesbo influence Emily Gibson loves her some meat. Just ask her about the roast beef Pride story (and yes, she did put on the Batman onesie and march with qPDX…hell yeah!) So this little trip to Bacon wonderland is her baby. I’m pretty stoked about the bacon vodka…and what they plan to mix it in too. It may, in fact, be the perfect Sunday Bloody Mary liquor…

Trans top and bottom surgeries with Dr. Toby Meltzer – The options, drawbacks and complications of healthcare make trans surgeries daunting, even when you’re anxious to make your changes. It’s essential to have your community at your back when going through it, but there’s so much technical knowledge most of us just don’t have. This includes presentations on both MTF and FTM surgeries as well as a Q&A and even time for personal conversations. Now the community really has our backs.

Q Poetry Night with Ela BartonAnd you might as well stay parked at the Q Center (4115 N Mississippi) for a wordsmith smackdown. 2007 Bainbridge Island Annual Poetry Slam Champion Ela Barton provides the polish and patter but you get your own chance to shine, oh, and wine $50, in the Haiku Death Match.

Glow Party at Red Cap – It’s almost the opposite of Friday’s Crave. At this party the lights go down and and the only thing you’ll see is blacklight neon painted bodies. So yeah, more lights and sexiness.

Gaycation The reigning king of queer nights (ok, ok, maybe Grand Vizier to the Blow Pony Pharaoh) takes his hot wet throne with guest DJ Chelsea Star.


Pansy Soul in the SE – I know it can be tough to motivate after a week of drinking but the soulful sounds eminating from Langano Lounge (1428 SE Hawthorne) on Sunday may be just the low-key weekender you’re looking for. Organizer and DJ Michelle Garcia also has a radio show Saturday nights from 8-10pm on Portland’s free form radio House of Sound so you can check her out pre-function. Judging by the success of other soul nights, $1.50 Pabst and vegetarian Ethiopian chili dogs it looks like it may be a hidden gem, and only for a short amount of time will you be able to say you went there back when.

3 comments to The weekend in glowing lasers, lots of meat, last summer Gaycation and plenty of ‘Thee Satisfaction’

  • Roast Beef Lover

    Emily Gibson is the hottest meat in town. ow ow!

  • Yay!!! We are so stoked to be hosting the lasertastic portion of the weekend.

    LADY GAGA + Splurt + Crave 3D LASER PARTY + Glow (Red Cap)…

    Portland HOMOS are spoiled and we LOVE it!

    • Katrina

      This weekend was packed with queer parties. To be honest, I was extremely disappointed with CRAVE. I have been going to their parties for over a year now, and have slowly watched them decline. Since they switched DJs in February and paired with Hot Flash, their parties have taken a significant nose dive. The crowd was certainly older. Don’t go if you are looking for a younger, hip lesbians.

      The highlight of my weekend was the GLOW party at REDCAP Garage!! It was awesome!!! The tunes spun by DJ Mani were intoxicating. The dance floor was packed with dancers. There was a surprising number of queer ladies too. Thanks Redcap for yet another fun filled night.