Some words from the 'Real L Word's Mikey Koffman during her Portland visit

Mikey takes part in the "gun show" at Dingos

The Real L Word just presented its finale with a Portland appearance by co-star Mikey Koffman the recent weekend of the 15th  and I’m all kinds of ambivalent and intrigued.

Firstly, many Portlanders may not have tuned into the show at all, seeing as Los Angeles seems so different from us, even if we do share a sexuality. Autostraddle gives a really good critique of the show’s shortcomings while at the same time giving some background and advice for ways to grow.

And then there’s Mikey herself. I have not had the chance to meet her, as the interview below was via email, but there are two very distinct impressions as far as I can. First is the egotistical shade-wearing alpha-bitch as presented by one unhappy E-Room attendee on Mikey’s Official Fan Page that has since been deleted. And then there’s the gregarious and down-to-earth woman that comes across in this ShewWired interview from early in the season.

One could argue that was before the television fame busted in, but fellow Portland writer Kathy Belge finds her rather easygoing and easy to connect with, someone who “…mingled easily with the fans, stepping in to act as waitress, bringing people their food and drink orders at the Portland taco bar Dingos.”

As for the interview below, I could have wished for some more thought out answers, debates, and critical thinking but the Portland visit was likely more of a celebration than an academic or existential exercise. It also goes to show how important it is to meet your subjects in person. I look forward to that some day.

qPDX: Do you think the Real L Word portrays real lesbian life? Does it portray you and your relationship as you see it? It is diverse enough?

MK: Yes, I think the Real L Word portrays real lesbian life…I’m a lesbian and this is my life!

Yes, I think it does a good job of portraying my relationship….they show two people creating their future and the struggles of trying to balance a relationship while running your own business.

I find a ton of diversity in the show, the cast and it’s situations.

Talk about Fashion week. Did filming it make it any harder? Easier?

Photo by Kevin Warn

Filming around LA Fashion Week was pretty stressful…my first obligation was to my clients, and respecting the way they wanted their company portrayed, so the filming did make it more complicated.

Is a dyke aesthetic becoming more a part of fashion? Do you see your style, both for yourself and your company, as having a distinctly lesbian aesthetic at all?

I find the word ‘Dyke’ offensive so I am going to pass on that question.

Being a lesbian has nothing to do with the asthetic (sic) of the fashion industry or my company, I don’t identify myself or my business as having anything to do with my sexuality.

How much have you been teased about constantly wearing your sunglasses? Is it getting old?

If people talk about me wearing my sunglasses, I certainly don’t listen…..I really don’t care about what others think.

Are you and other other cast members close? Did filming affect that?

I’m not close with the other cast members, we didn’t know each other before the filming and certainly do not run in the same circles. When I actually have free time, it’s dedicated to my relationship and close friends.

Have you become more politically active since the show and since proposing to your girlfriend? How excited are you about marriage going into effect this week? (This was in the midst of Prop 8 trial drama)

I wouldn’t say that I have ever been politically active, however, I do see the need to stand up for what I believe in. Gay marriage is still not in effect, I will be excited when it’s legal in our entire country and we never have to speak about equal rights again.

Do you see yourself as butch? Futch? Are LA lesbians different from lesbians in the rest of the country?

I don’t feel the need to classify myself. I also don’t know the difference between lesbians from other parts of the world…i see everyone as the same.

How are you liking Portland? Have you experienced our “Keep Portland weird” motto?

I love Portland, everyone has been really cool and I have some great friends here!

3 comments to Some words from the ‘Real L Word’s Mikey Koffman during her Portland visit

  • Jenny

    You should proofread what you write more closely. It’s bad enough Mikey can’t spell aesthetics, some of your sentences don’t even make sense.

  • NIKEISAH NEWTON(yep puttin my name out there)

    *******REALITY SHOWS AIN’T REAL!********

  • kate.

    Maybe it’s just me but she came across as a little stuck up. She’s offended by the word dyke so she’s not going to answer the question? That doesn’t make sense. She could politely say she doesn’t care for the word and still graciously answer the question. I’m sure she’s lovely person but I didn’t feel it from her here. I liked your questions, she just didn’t seem interested in really answering them.